the third person

In the world of Indian webloggers, a strange force has taken over the minds of many. This epidemic has been documented by Nilesh in the comments of Sonal's weblog as The Third Person Thing - or TTPT, for short. TTPT was first sighted at Satyen Kale's weblog, in a weblog entry about the Princeton snowstorm, and has been analyzed to be highly infectious.

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reap what you sow?

Mike Wendland wrote an article a few weeks ago about millionaire Alan Ralsky who lives in a brand new 8000-sq-foot luxury home, complete with T1 Internet and everything else this sweet world has to offer. So how does millionaire Alan Ralsky pay for all this? Simple. He's behind 40% of the junk email you get in your inbox everyday.

Slashdot picked up this article, and soon we had Slashdotters churning out all sorts of information about him, including his postal address, which people eagerly used to sign up for every ad catalog and junk snail mail there they could lay there hands on! So now, Alan's been "slashdotted" with junk mail! Read more in Mike's follow up article.

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why contribute?

Everyone is talking about Macromedia's Contribute. But what I don't understand is that how it's so revolutionary. How more easy to use is this than a customized content management system? If this has something to do with being able to edit static webpages without having to open them in DreamWeaver of Frontpage, how about a Wiki with a WYSIWYG edit box?

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good spam

This is what I got in my inbox a few minutes ago:

We found the following 9 broken links on

On page : Not Found : Not Found
On page : Not Found : Not Found

For just $5 (US) per month we will check your website regularly, and warn you of any future broken links. Your website's visitors will thank you for it. [direct paypal link]

The broken links he sent were correct - so the email was pretty helpful, and I would consider it if it was a little cheaper. That's what I call good marketing.


My internet connection was down for about 14 hours.... the hub close to my house got spoilt in the rain or something like that.
We have a paper on Networking this semester, and this is the attribute about networking that I don't like - they tend to fail too often. In my opinion, computers and nature don't really get along too well. Make the hub waterproof, make the cables triple insulated, but there's not much you can do about 2 days of rainfall and the Crow that made a hole in the connector.

On a happy note, I'm now posting through wBloggar's new beta version v3.0b (I got access to it because I designed the logo in the forums :P ) and I have one word to describe it - wahoo! - it's really cool, I tell you.

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hello world!!

Really cool news - I've finally got 24hrs internet!!

It's a shared LAN connection - not very fast, but a little better than dialup. And I can stay online for as long as I want.

I had stopped blogging because of the super duper phone bills I got - I was paying so much money that I think I'm the reason the telephone company is making profits....Since that problem is solved, I can get back to writing something everyday.


6 orders for AdSystem in

6 orders for AdSystem in the last 7 days. Whee.

Blogger Brasil - Evan's sold Brazilian Right to Globo!!

Suddenly, The Internet business seems cool again - Thank God.