There is news that Ramsus Lerdorf is going to speak at Linux Bangalore 2003. The event is from the 2nd to the 4th of December, and my endsems start from 8th. Why does this always happen to me?! I guess I can console myself with the fact that Zeev and Andi(the current maintainers of the language and designers of the upcoming fifth version) are not coming.


bye bye baby

BlogSnob now belongs to Adam Kalsey. Here's the joint press
. I've written about my atempts to streamline my workload before
- this acquisition is a step in that direction.

During my summer holidays, I spent some time scouting for someone to take over
the reins of the service; and Adam fitted the bill perfectly. He's got quite
a few things planned for the service; first of which will be the integration
of the existing Kalsey TextAd Exchange into BlogSnob. For the users, it's basically
a change of management, and enhanced prospects of getting to see new features,
and other cool things in the service.

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Proof that some people will do anything for extra credit:

At Algoma University the mature students in the fast track accelerated second degree program are not quick to accept theory without proof. As a result, Professor George Townsend offered extra credit to anyone in his forth year Computer Networks course who could take up the challenge of implementing internet based protocols over a new form of medium - Bongo Drums.

Eight weeks later, the first public demonstration was given to the class by using a simple ping packet. With a blinding 2bps speed, the class sat patiently as the packet was received in roughly 140 seconds.

apartheid on line?

AOL Preps 9.0 Versions for Blacks, Teens:

The African American version is now in development. It emerged from AOL's desire to improve user experience in general on its service, and in particular for this community, Brown suggested.
"The African-American service will evolve in a short period of time," she said. "We have to do a better job serving them."


the secret is in the lemon

Due to the many failed attempts at making good mayonnaise sauce at home, I was a little wary about making it yesterday. I thought for a while about what could've gone wrong, and decided to do a bit of searching on the internet for the answer.

I was surprised by the answer: Lemon. By composition, mayonnaise is an emulsion of lemon juice and oil; with egg yolk acting as an emulsifying agent. How Stuff Works has a good write-up about this.

I've never added lemon before, and thus I always used to get frothy, oily goop that used to taste remotely like mayo, but was nothing like the tasty, creamy spread I got yesterday.

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Regarding Maya, the spam harvester trap that I've set up; I forgot to add that I didn't write the script I'm using. While I did have a related idea about thwarting spammers (who happen to be sending about 60-70 junk emails every day to my inbox), I discovered a host of spam harvester traps that people have written in various languages. If you would like to contribute your bandwidth and set up a trap on your website, pick up a script from here. Be careful though. Make sure you properly configure your robots.txt file to stop the well behaved indexers like Google, etc.

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1337 h4x0r h4NDh31Dz!

First you had NetscapeOne. Then came SunOne. Then RealOne. And now, ladies and gentlemen, some idiotic marketing department in my favourite PDA company has decided to rename the outfit to PalmOne! This is WAY too ridiculous! Like someone on /. said - it sounds
like a suggestion: "Hey look! look at those abandoned PDAs lying around! You think we should Palm one!?"

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It's been almost a month now since college started. I've become a "4th yearie" now, and along with the priviledge of being part the most senior student batch in college, comes the burden of selecting 5 electives out of a list of 11 specialized subjects. Here's what I chose:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Data Mining
  3. Advanced Internet Technology
  4. Unix Network Programming
  5. Cost Accounting and HRM

Out of these, AI and Data Mining are my two favourite subjects, and it's really cool to learn about logic, knowledge and stuff.

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I found this new search engine project called Nutch via DaveNet:

Nutch is a nascent effort to implement an open-source web search engine. (It) provides a transparent alternative to commercial web search engines. Only open source search results can be fully trusted to be without bias. (Or at least their bias is public.)

IMHO, this is like finding an RSA encryption algorithm for information retrieval. While many encryption systems base themselves upon the premise that their inner algorithms are kept secret; RSA, or any other publicly described methods are strong because the actual algorithm is tough to crack.

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Is Google striving to become the uber-input-box? If you type in an address, the corresponding street map appears. Type in a company stock name, and it will fetch you the stock quotes. And then there's phone book and spell check; and the latest calculator facility.

I guess it's not just about document search anymore - it's about information. Whatever kind of information that may be. They want everyone on the internet to have that Google window open on their desktop, all the time. If you want to know something, type it in. Goo

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