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artistes unlimited: en route

Delhi people! Artistes Unlimited has a play at Kamani on the 4th and 5th of February, called “En Route”, starring Ashish and other cool people. Go see!

En Route - poster

gmail did the viagra star

Mr. GMail, you allow me to “star” emails in my spam folder. By star, I presume you mean that you stick a “This here email? It’s Important!” sign on that email. But I want to know, dear Mr. GMail, why is it that I want to importantify my spammicrap? Why, tell me?

Viagra! In easy installments! STARRED
Printer Cartridges! STARRED
Toner Cartridges! Not Starred. Weep weep. Spam is feeling low-self-esteem. Loosah!

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Tag Soup

Here's a List of all the tags(categories, labels, whatever you call them) used at


To inaugurate the day, a chat transcript:

Arnab: did you know that a boy here was eaten up waist down?

Victim 23: sending one-liner messages

Arnab: here at iit...

Victim 23: what?????????

Arnab: by a panther

Victim 23: when?????????

Victim 23: oh no

Arnab: evening

Arnab: ya

Arnab: so we're all on high alert and stuff

Victim 23: thats horribleeee

Victim 23: okayy

Victim 23: who was this boy?

Arnab: AF Baba,,,, Btech 3rd year Civil

Arnab: you know anyone in iit?

Victim 23: okay

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barred ista

I was a big admirer of the Barista coffee chain. When it opened, I became a huge fan of it's themed decor, clever copy for it's ads, and it's range of coffee concoctions. Barista was also probably the first restaurant chain in India to introduce the "laid back" approach - allow your customers to hang around your joint, spend time playing scrabble on the board you provided, or strumming the guitar that's lying at the corner of every one of your stores. While this might seem to make little business sense, this became the chain's primary customer-drawing points. In the hustle bustle of this hectic world, it was nice to find a place to let your hair down and treat yourself to a walnut brownie dipped in extra chocolate.

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I was shocked to see that out of the world's top 500 supercomputers, only 2 are installed in India. The country summary table makes it even more scary: Saudi Arabia has 3, China has 5, UK has 36. And we call ourselves IT superpowers.


april fool banaya

Ok, so it wasn't a really clever one, but I had to come up with something! My mother (yes, she reads this blog) was pretty mad at me when she read it, but otherwise, it was fun...

Did anyone notice the names of the first four people who left comments in the post? they were from Farah, Omkar, Oujwal, and Lavanya - no one noticed that!


daypop is back

I just noticed that DayPop, the search engine that focusses on current events, news and weblogs is back. I had gotten addicted to the Daypop Top 40 for the top 40 links of the day before DayPop went down.