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Another great reason to start blogging: famous bloggers get invited to TV shows. Sadda apna Yazad Jal was on Channel [v]'s "Choose or Loose" yesterday, along with Nafisa Ali, Mahesh Bhatt and Milind son-of-Murli Deora. As Murphy would have it, I missed the show, thanks to the cable guy who informed me that the [v] receiver had conked out (and not the other 86 receivers that could have). Let's just hope there're some reruns of the show sometime later.

Speaking of Channel [v], what's with all these new faces? I saw posters of this female Sarah something a few days back, promoting some model hunt. Three months of not watching TV and they begin strutting models on music channels. Great. So Mr. Cableguy, I want my [v] back ASAP. And Dear [v], I want some sensible airplay please.

notes about flying indian airlines

  1. Don't be afraid of the engine noise in the beginning. It might sound like a with a discharged battery, but don't worry, it's just a minor thing, you wont have to go out and push the plane off the runway.
  2. The flight attendants are not the young gorgeous perfect 10s you dream them out to be.
  3. Flying is kinda boring, as opposed to train journey. First of all, barring the landing and take off, there is no view. All you see is clouds, and the sun. Also, in trains, you often have another train passing by, going in the opposite direction. While I'm aware how dangerous such things can be for airplanes, but it sure would be fun to see one whizz by like they have in those disaster movies on HBO.
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new blogger review

I've started DanoReview to serve as an outsider's observation of the new Blogger. Co-authors invited.


beautiful day

The weather's wonderful nowadays. They should declare days like these as national holidays so people can enjoy.

By the way, they're nominating rockstars for the Nobel Prize. Interesting approach. Maybe I should start practising the flute again...