November 15th, 2002


This message box suddenly popped up right now:

The MSN Messenger Service will be shut down for maintenance in 5 minutes. Please complete all conversations in this time. After maintenance, you will be able to log back in.

Mixed Feelings:
a) It's nice they're telling us about it instead of a sudden blackout; but
b) why go down for maintenance in the first place?


November 13th

why contribute?

Everyone is talking about Macromedia's Contribute. But what I don't understand is that how it's so revolutionary. How more easy to use is this than a customized content management system? If this has something to do with being able to edit static webpages without having to open them in DreamWeaver of Frontpage, how about a Wiki with a WYSIWYG edit box?

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visio nary


When I'm training someone to be a C++ programmer, it would be nice if I never had to teach them about char*'s and pointer arithmetic

I know exactly what he means. I am a C++ guy at heart, but this is why I use PHP for more or less everything nowadays. (link found via Rob Fahrni)

I wrote to Rob when I saw a Visio ad in my inbox today, and before I could even reply to his first email, he had googled me out! (yes, it's a word).

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November 12th

wbloggar 3 is out

This news is a little old, but I just got to know that my choice weblogging tool wBloggar version 3 is now available to the public. Go get it here. It's a real time saver - I do all my weblogging with it. Besides, my name is in the release credits! (all I did was design a logo - heh.)

What I like best of all about wBloggar is not it's nifty preview tab, or the in-built spell check - it's the proud Made In Brazil logo at the footer. May be I'll get make a "Made In India&qu

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November 8th

good spam

This is what I got in my inbox a few minutes ago:

We found the following 9 broken links on

On page : Not Found : Not Found
On page : Not Found : Not Found

For just $5 (US) per month we will check your website regularly, and warn you of any future broken links. Your website's visitors will thank you for it. [direct paypal link]

The broken links he sent were correct - so the email was pretty helpful, and I would consider it if it was a little cheaper. That's what I call good marketing.

things that make you go hmmm...

Two weeks after releasing this site to the general public, the Googlebot has paid a visit. It indexed my site for 2 days, and now this site is in the Google search results. The first search term that brought people to my site is tughlaqabad fort.

While I was studying Google's indexing of this site, I've discovered that the word "arnab" means two things: It's a name; and it's a word in Somalian or some other African language (like I had guessed in a previous weblog entry). What I'd really like to know is what "arnab" means in Somalian.

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work and its rewards

I've been drowning my guilt of not studying in the frustration of developing extensions for PHP. I'm beyond the "Hello World" stage, but I have a very, very, long way to go to do anything substantial.

In other news, Kapil just informed me that we recieved, processed and delivered 2 orders for AdSystem in the last 48 hours. yay!


November 3rd

all PCs overboard!

A multimillionaire techie who owns an ex-Royal Navy warship is probably the ultimate model for Apple's Switch campaign. He moved his entire company staff to Macs; and now has a "Mac only" restriction for everybody on his boat - for security reasons. Read the story at Wired. (Wired recently underwent a cosmetic overhaul and now have a brilliant XHTML design - worth a look)


November 1st

slickth sense

Just watched The Sixth Sense on Star Movies - I must say it's a very well written / directed movie. Didn't really get a chance to 'feel' all the thrills and suspenses since I knew how it ended thanks to a stupid boy in school in 1999, who went and watched the first-day-first-show or something. The next day, he got on to the school bus and screamed, "Bruce Willis is a Ghost!!!"

If you have'nt seen the movie yet, I'm really sorry. I just gave away the backbone suspense secret to what is one of th

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November 1st


We were short of time. The audience comprised the 8 member teaching staff of the Computer Science Dept. and students who were waiting for the prize distribution that was scheduled after the event. And there were exactly six teams that registered for the event who automatically qualified for the finals.

Even after all this, I would say the quiz was a success, if not a great one. I've done quizzes before, but this is the first time that I spoke properly, and didn't make any of those factual errors that lead to fights between the quizmaster and the participants after the quiz. The PHP script I wrote for the quiz(using DBX) worked without a hitch (yay!) and Kapil and Shantanu were perfect at the scores and computer. It was the first time I conducted a speed round in a quiz and I was surprised I didn't stutter or stammer!

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