March 22nd, 2003

aloha, earth people

Greetings to all those people coming to my humble space on the Internet from the Hindustan Times article. I hope you find this place interesting, and come back here often. Some parts of the site are still incomplete, but you can have a look at TimepassTown if you want to read some cool stuff.

Feels nice to be featured in a National Daily - I've had my brushes with the media in the past, but to wake up in the morning and see my name on Page 16 of the day's newspaper...

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March 19th

must have

No-War Chop suey. Served hot with Freedom Fries.


free quency

The sad thing about blogging is that, contrary to the way it should be, it is inversely proportional to the degree of activity in your life. For example, every day the last week warranted a page of text in itself, but by the time I got to write, I was just too tired.

My life is'nt that hot and happening, but I still have this huge backlog of stuff to write about, so expect a barrage of posts once I get over my writers' block.

Till then, just so that you don't miss me too much, I bring to you (drum roll)... Aadisht Khanna. I plug Aadisht here with extreme caution, because I know this guy will be winning over all my readers with his seductive writing. So go give him a look see. And please do come back to read me as well.

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March 12th

get well soon

Yo! Baby Kribs! Get Well Soon, li'l one!


March 2nd


Yay! 2nd Prize Open Software! (thank you, thank you, thank you)


February 28th

ta ta!

My next Blogpost will be from Kanpur!


February 23rd


In retrospect, the Testbed Theory maybe a little far out, but now I'm almost sure that Google bought Blogger to bolster its Google News thingy. You see, Google News has a very slow response time - it took the Columbia mishap 6 hours to appear on the top of the page. On the other hand, millions of blogs had found out and reported a lot about it within minutes (including me). So it is for those six hours that Google will be using Blogger's data. Or so I think.

Have you noticed the footer of Google News? It's changed from

No humans were harmed or even used in the creation of this page


The selection and placement of stories on this page were determined automatically by a computer program.

The new line accomodates the possibility that blogs were involved.

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February 22nd

the girl of my dreams

Part One of a series

I'm sitting in my favourite place at the restaurant, and suddenly this heavenly body starts walking in my direction, smiling at me. Long, dark hair; twinkling eyes... dark blue full sleeved turtleneck top, coupled with a denim asymmetric. A dozen thin, silver bangles that move up and down as she walks... She comes up to me, and sits down in the chair near me.

"Hi Arnab... How are you? Can you help me out? I'm having problems with the client server architecture for this web app - I was wondering if we could sit and you could help me work out the scalability issues..."

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February 21st

beautiful day

The weather's wonderful nowadays. They should declare days like these as national holidays so people can enjoy.

By the way, they're nominating rockstars for the Nobel Prize. Interesting approach. Maybe I should start practising the flute again...


February 18th

good bad ugly

Oh man, I'm tired... Life is just so hectic these days. Let's try categorizing them:

Good: The TV's back. 2 days after it going kaput, Dad opened it up on the dining table, used the vacuum cleaner to suck out all the dirt, and replaced the fuse wire that had blown. Some of the advantages in life when your father is a news-and-cricket-hungry electronics engineer.

My birthday was a really cool day. My cousin sister called up all the way from Salt Lake City in the US - it was so cool to talk international! Then many other calls came in, IM messages popped up all over my computer screen. Woke up in the morning with a very happy mood (this doesn't happen too often), and Mom gives me a really sweet geeky birthday card. I come back after brushing my teeth, and there's a huge chocolate cake on my table! Mom had kept it in the fridge, and I hadn't noticed! Well, I got dressed and stuff, and blew out 20 candles. It was almost like blowing out an entire bush fire in one breath. Man, I feel old. Then I had cake and Payesh for breakfast. In the evening, went to Ashish's place, and from there we went to a school reunion / Valentine's / general party. We reached "fashionably late" (that's supposedly what people call 10:30 in the night). It was fun meeting all my school friends again.