April 22nd, 2003

new blogger review

I've started DanoReview to serve as an outsider's observation of the new Blogger. Co-authors invited.


April 21st

information flow

Last week, Kapil and I prepared a collection of all the programs we needed for our practicals this semester, and Kapil sent them out to all the members of our class. Yesterday, I got the same zipfile we sent back as an email, from a person outside our college. Also, someone uploaded the file to the BITBIS community filespace. Soon after that, I got two copies of the same 604 Compilers notes from two different people.

It's extremely interesting to see how information flows through which such high redundancy.

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spooky stuff

For those who don't believe in ghosts... here is one neat proof - just click the link after reading. This pic was taken in an old house. This one was wild and a little spooky once you find the ghost in the picture. Also, there is something creepy in the picture - try finding out what. So if u you are weak hearted, don't try it.

It took me a few seconds to find it, but when you do, it just stands out. To save you some time, concentrate around the table on the window... See
the reflections formed in the mirror. Be patient as it takes about 30 seconds or so for your eyes to focus and see the real image.

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April 19th

weekly web wonder

HomestarGreetings, earthlings, and welcome to the brand new, weekly web wonder entry! This week's website is, one of the most ultracool Flash websites I've seen in my entire browsing life. This CartoonNetwork-esque website documents the life of Homestar Runner, one of the most lovable comic characters around. There's also a bunch of other people,StrongBad including the uber-villain StrongBad and his brothers StrongMad and StrongSad.

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April 17th

damn, i'm in the papers again

A college friend just commented: "looks like fame does not stop following you"

Is this some sort of a conspiracy? I'm on the back page of this week's Education Times, listening to the wonderful Joanne Doyle from UCD at the Ireland Education Fair that was held recently.

In other media news, I won't be writing for the Hindustan Times any more, since I'm too soft hearted to tolerate the editorial intendance. Lookout for this week's Weekly Web Wonder, tomorrow on this weblog itself.


April 16th


I made some additions to my link-list, so I should introduce them as well:

Amit Agarwal: This 'Netahoy' gizmo dude is the only other Delhi blogger I know.

Anita Bora: Rediff's shining star. Also keeper of the Indian Blogger's List, a insurmountable feat in itself, considering it's a single HTML file.

Cameron Marlow: That dude who created Blogdex. Also Ph.D. student at the Media Lab. and also into the music scene. Not exactly role model, but something incredibly close.

Gaurav Sabnis: CEO in the making at IIM Lucknow. He's in the list because of the Calvin&Hobbes cartoon on his page. Also because of the content, but the cartoon ownz.

budday boy

It's Nilesh Chaudhari's birthday today. Happy Birthday, dude!


April 13th

mutant newspaper paragraphs

I was in a real bad mood yesterday when I saw my paragraph in the Hindustant Times yesterday. Almost all the sentences have been restructured and rephrased. I'm sure they did it to make it more concise, but for God's sake, what about the hard work that I put in to compose it?

Maybe it's because I've haven't had too much experience of being edited upon before, but it really hurt to see the words I framed after putting in so much thought being thrown all over the paragraph for the sake of conciseness.

Also, they didn't include it in the web version. I don'

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April 8th

what's with this city?

Mick Jagger and Company just rocked Mumbai and Bangalore... Nidhi had the priviledge to witness the magic. Despite being the capital of the country, it is a sad truth that Delhi is the pits when it comes to anything remotely connected to any form of culture. In Sunday's HT, Indrajit Hazra (HT's resident rockman) wrote an article giving reasons for this, and wrote that large gigs were not held in Delhi because to get an event approved, the organizers would have to first give free passes to the ministers, their secretaries, the secretaries' secretaries, and so on, right down to the PA of the janitor of the office. We'd probably end up with a stadium full of freeloaders who'd anyway leave after 10 minutes because the show was all bakwaas.

April 7th

this is the internet

By way of a conversation I was just having with someone, I realized how easy it is to find out all about a person. It's a simple step-wise deduction process by which you can get that person's complete personal details.

I also realized how scary it is for an average user to find out that the complete stranger you just met on the Internet knows so much about you.

Some years ago, you'd need to hire a detective to do this sort of stuff. But in this age of information technology, all you need is some logical deduction skills, and an Internet connection.

Let me give you a very very basic example of this. When you sign up for email, you enter a desired username, along with lots of private, priviledged information like date of birth, address, etc. So when the username is taken, the email provider conveniently suggests alternatives like username_74 or username_Delhi. A crime in the name of usability, in my view. The user quickly chooses one of these IDs without much thought, but from now on, every person that he writes to knows that Mr. User is 29 years old, or he is from Delhi.