September 21st, 2003



phpDbxAdmin is a tool to make the administration of a DBX database easier.

People are starting open source projects to build on top of one of our babies... neat!


September 19th


Funny quote at Roshan's blog:

A friend who works for an NGO in Delhi just got her first salary. Her mom's reaction: "Wow, that's even less than your phone bill!"


September 19th


Thar she blows. (If you see this coming towards you, don't get carried away, ok? just run!)


September 16th


A listener fights back: Pranking the RIAA.


so what happens to the ring?

JLo and BAf are over! Good riddance to bad rubbish (GR2BR), as they say. Finally I can dream peacefully in peace.


more mayo

After a half hour of experimentation, I hereby confirm that equal quantities of Maggi Hot and Sweet Tomato Sauce and Mayonnaise, mixed properly, taste almost exactly like the orange sauce used in McDonalds burgers.


September 15th


Mahesh Shantaram has too much time on his hands. But with the kind of awesome stuff he's producing in his free time, I wish him all the free time in the world!


September 13th

it really is


September 11th

vyaktigat prakashan pranali

Amit Agarwal has restarted the Hindi MovableType I'd once attempted. Looks pretty impressive so far.


clear danger

During the pesticide-in-your-drink fiasco, I was tempted to try the DS group's recently launched Catch Clear brand of flavoured water. The promos and packaging were not too shabby, so I thought it was worth spending one and a half times the amount I'd spend on a Coke.

And it was quite nice. Not worth 15 rupees, but still nice. It wasn't too fizzy - just the right amount of effervesence. The taste was a little like medicine, but the flavour made up for it. And the best part of them all: The calorie chart! It said: Zero Calories!! So here was my perfect drink- cold, fizzy, refreshing, no caffeine, and absolutely, zero, calories.

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