September 19th, 2002

I think it'd be cool

I think it'd be cool if someone could make a small tool so that I could type in google: apples -oranges into my browser and it would take me directly to the Google search results. Yahoo messenger uses something like ymmgr: and MSN uses msmn:; so I think it should'nt be too difficult to implement.


welcome to zombocom

This one's hilarious. Extremely hilarious -


oogle boogle

Google churns out the most amazing things! I was looking for comments/ articles about Blogsnob, and saw that we'd been featured in the Hindu Business Line!! We did do an interview with Mr. Nair a long time ago, but since he did'nt contact us after that, we didn't know if we got featured or not.
Go check out the article here. It was published on July 29th - and we didn't even know! Also note the number of time he writes "says Nandi".


September 18th

hungarian rhapsody

Finally had the Windows Programming Test today. Some blokes in our class kept postponing it for days, and it's really irritating because your schedule is all messed up because of that. Didn't do as well as I expected, but it was decent. It was good that we had the test - not because I wanted marks, but because atleast I sat and studied what the Windows API was all about. Having attempted at making my own Windowing library, getting to know what the real Windows is like is pretty cool.

My Windowing library - ah, it brings back old memories when I was in school. Sameer, my project partner used to sit around going, "naah - I think the class implementation was better if we did that". And I wrote the whole damn thing out. Helped me a lot - I must say. It helped me in get my 4GB hard disk - I have reason to believe the old one crashed because of the 100 reboots I used to subject my computer through under the name of "Video Memory Research". But the one thing I've learnt most from WinGUI is not the graphics, but about the sheer power of Open Source.

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September 17th

bloggin' today

Nidhi's India Today article on weblogging is now on the stands. Haven't seen it yet. Will do that tomorrow. She says:

I think i shld have added the blogsnob gang -- Arnab, Kapil and Jayesh. Sorry guys. :(

No problem Nidhi... Kapil, JayANT and I can wait. :P

[scene fade out, Arnab looking up at sky, dreaming about the India Today issue with his face on the cover....]



sorry for the outage. Even after the format, the system Just Wouldn't Work. So I swapped master / slave; and now the 20GB hard disk contains the OS, and everything's booting fine. Will post later. I have to setup LOTS of applications now.


September 15th


Last night I got the system to boot with the new disk, and discovered that the original owner had about 4GB worth of Old Hindi MP3s - something my mom was thrilled to know. So for the next 5 hours, I had Md. Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar on the playlist.

It's not that I don't like them. But 5 hours?

Woke up today and the problem was back - it wouldn't startup with the 2nd disk. Spent the whole day trying to figure out what was wrong with the second hard disk, and figured that it was because of the 5GB NTFS partition in the front. Had to remove it, and carved out clean, reformatted partitions of Linux Native, Linux Swap.....

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hard disk, hard times

Got a 2nd hard disk today. I'm not using the words "new hard disk" because it's not - it's a second hand 20GB Seagate U Type 5. I needed it badly - software needed for this semester is huge. Sadly, I can't seem to boot with the disk - I have to get to command prompt, and then do something, and only then can I get things working. weird.


September 14th


My internet connection was down for about 14 hours.... the hub close to my house got spoilt in the rain or something like that.
We have a paper on Networking this semester, and this is the attribute about networking that I don't like - they tend to fail too often. In my opinion, computers and nature don't really get along too well. Make the hub waterproof, make the cables triple insulated, but there's not much you can do about 2 days of rainfall and the Crow that made a hole in the connector.

On a happy note, I'm now posting through wBloggar's new beta version v3.0b (I got access to it because I designed the logo in the forums :P ) and I have one word to describe it - wahoo! - it's really cool, I tell you.

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September 11th

Worked out a really spiffy

Worked out a really spiffy new site design for AdSystem. Also worked out PostgreSQL support. I tried Oracle too, but it seems a lot of work. We should also have 2Checkout and gateways implemented soon.