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August 5th

obama, mccain and the paris hilton angle

A real, official advert by John McCain calling Obama a “celebrity”:

The response by Paris Hilton:


July 29th

what slacking means to me

In response to a caption where I called my work “Slacking”, labmate Magesh responded:

If by “slacking” you mean Schema-Lacking Auto-Completion Keyword INterface Generation, I agree.

That is the most succinct description of my research ever!


July 22nd

new version of hotmail

An interesting sighting on the Microsoft campus: Hotmail (aka Windows Live Mail Ultimate Express Service Pack xp Developer Network Edition) just launched their latest version of mail services:

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July 10th

Foo Fighters at the Key Arena

The Foo Fighters performed at the Key Arena last night, yours truly was there to witness the epic event. These guys sure know how to put on one helluva show. Since no blog post is complete without a wikipedia citation, let me copypaste the lines that a friend quoted near-verbatim at the concert, when another friend asked about the band’s name:

Grohl completed an album’s worth of material in five days and handed out cassette copies of the sessions to his friends for feedback. Grohl hoped to keep his anonymity and release the recordings in a limited run under the title “Foo Fighters”, taken from the World War II term “foo fighter”, used to refer to unidentified flying objects. However, the demo tape circulated in the music industry, creating interest among record labels. Grohl formed a band to support the album.

Openers for the show Minus the Bear didn’t impress me that much; the second act SuperGrass was very slick and enjoyable. SuperGrass seems to be a big favorite of the Foos — the rather funny Foo Fighters purchaser contract specifically says “Artist shall not be required to share dressing room with any other performer, except Supergrass, Oasis or maybe Led Zeppelin.”

In David Grohl’s own words, “this isn’t your 1 hour show… or your 1 and a half hour show… or your 2 hour show… we’re going to play till we’re done!”. And boy did they play — one hit after another, set after set, all the way close to midnight.

Image (c) hermosawave

They played all the songs I was hoping for; my all-time favorite Learn To Fly was in the first set, and they ended the show with Aurora. I was impressed with the “2nd stage” they had — it was an accoustic stage at the rear end of the arena, much closer to where all the “sucky seats are” (Grohl’s words, not mine). The stage was lowered from the top of the arena, and hosted the extended version of the band, including violinist Petra Haden and original Foo Fighters / Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear. (The calculator + egg video in the previous post is Petra’s song)

All in all, a great show, well worth the time, money, and temporary loss of hearing.

July 10th

calculator + egg

Too spent / tired / lazy / overwhelmed to write anything entertaining. This video should be an entertaining substitute:


July 5th


so i
walked around
the crowded conclave of
these markets and people
and i
was so lost
about where those notes
were coming from and
who made that music
that had touched and then frozen
my sense of direction
in a
moment of perfection
i was so lost
when i saw
your fingers
strumming so gently
six strings in those patterns
that made me stand still
for a moment or two
or a million, i would never know
for i
was so lost.

here i was
spending my time seeking spirit
lending my life towards yearning
for a reason to breathe
looking for a hunger to appease

and there you were
with a calm up on your face
lips, silent
fingers, manipulating
strings of lonely hearts
tearing them apart
one by one.

i’m sure there is a reason
for each day in every season
to be spent in the hope of
some goal that
i can only wish
that one day you will find
but for now
i hope you do not mind, if
i could sit with you all day long
writing lyrics to your songs
like this one.

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June 28th


Watched Wall-E with friends yesterday. The theater was packed! We ended up sitting in the 2nd row, which is kind of like the IMAX experience but with a slightly shaky projector and slightly scarred retinas by the end.

But anyway, overall comments: very cute!! Definitely worth the watch!

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June 22nd

wallpapers and weekends

The McLeod Residence is a rather intriguing establishment, whose walls are adorned with laser-etched skateboards and a mosaic of Michael Jackson made out of cereal.

The wallpaper for some reason reminded me of the wallpaper scene from Garden State.

JPG Mag has a wonderful series by Michael O’Neill inspired by the very scene:


June 19th

This blog is now brought to you by Microsoft

(from the internal intern mailing list, which is what happens when you let thousands on kids loose on an enterprise network)

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June 16th

status update

What I’ve been up to:

  • Making new friends: Most of the MSR interns I’ve met are fun people, quite contrary to the nerdy bookworms people would imagine them to be.
  • Touring Seattle: Went out for a non-touristy tour of Seattle, visiting places including the UW arboretum, Discovery Park (Photo above) and Downtown Seattle.
  • Skydiving: Jumped out of a plane from 13,000 ft. Landed on my feet. One of the most awesome experiences in my life :)
  • Living the working man’s life: Wake up at 7, snooze the alarm till 8, drive to work, come back home, run 3 miles, watch TV, go to bed. Rinse, repeat.

And because this blog is nothing without its links:

  • Mario Kart in Javascript.
  • Learning how to do play the didjeridoo can cure sleep apnea. I don’t have apnea, but I love trying to play a didge whenever I get my hands on one. I’ve never been able to get the circular breathing right though. Curiously, I learned about this from a Gmail ad.
  • A really fun and interesting Eco Zoo website.