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September 30th

one day she will find this funny


September 25th

taste we can believe in

I try to stay away from politics on this blog, but this was too yummy to avoid sharing:


September 24th

daily cute

Sculpted Beastlies by webcomic artist and sculptor Leslie Levings.


September 21st

fountainhead review

Coreyc reviews for The FountainHead:

By the time you’re twenty, you should know that you can only disclose your affair with this book to select people. You should also know that people who think this book has anything to do with actual philosophy or politics are people you should back slowly away from while telling them it is a wonderful book. You should learn to separate your enjoyment of this book from your utter disdain for those Ayn Rand people, because they are scary and they didn’t read it for the plot. You should also have learned that you will have to apologize to anyone who knew you in the vicinity of reading this book, because you were probably a self-righteous, Principled, selfish asshole for at least two weeks after (and possibly during) the completion of this book.

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September 18th

tired, busy and writers-blocked

To quote lonelysandwich :

Sometimes it takes me three or four drafts to get to that magical place where I realize I have nothing to say.

Although I do have this gem of an image to share with you guys — this is a bizzare sign Akash and I encountered outside ABC (a local microbrewery/watering hole) yesterday:



September 17th

12 famous logos

SvN talks about 12 iconic logos created by graphic designer Saul Bass:

He is more renowned for his groundbreaking work in movie title sequences, including Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest:

September 15th

r.i.p. lehman and morgan

more animals

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September 13th

Magic Bus for the iPhone

The Magic Bus project at our school enables students to track all the buses on the university bus system in real time, using GPS. They have a really cool Google Maps mashup, with little blue buses crawling around Ann Arbor’s map. Since these interfaces are quite detailed and javascript heavy, they don’t really lend to a great user experience on the iphone (actually, i dont even know if the mashup works on the iphone).

Enter Magic Bus for the iPhone, available at

This web-app simply takes the Magic Bus data feed and reformats it in an iPhone-friendly manner. Each route is listed in a section with its stops, and the number of minutes until the next bus (and the ones after them) at that stop.


Tap on “prefs”, and you can pick and choose only the routes and bus stops you are interested in, since it’s a little unwieldy to see 43 bus stops and 9 routes at the same time. (This also makes the load times faster)


Ironically, I wrote this almost a year ago; I just didn’t have the time to document it and tell people about it. Hopefully, people will use it now!


September 12th

Arnab's plans


September 5th

arnab has left the building


Building 99, that is. Today was my last day of an incredibly awesome and crazy summer at MSR. I will miss this place.

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