Archive - Aug 16, 2008


horizon surge

Almost flat, this land below
I deliberate, if I should go
spiralling down with insanity
as if to spar with gravity.

The rocks on the cliff I stand upon
crumble, roll and fall
I wonder if this was their fate
or just a symptom of it all:

the mediocrity, a lack of fire,
inexplicable thirst, a flaming desire.
the wanton, sated, ignorance,
a rotting state of impotence.

Get out of my way, crumbled stone!
I have lands left to explore
the more you try to impede
i will wisen even more

the more you try to bring me down
to the levels you lie upon,
the more you try to sabotage,
the more desire I will spawn

To leave you behind, in the dust
I am meant for greater things
Horizon surge, I beckon you
I have dreamed one day I’ll win

This world is mine, from this point on
to as far as can be seen
Now is the time, this is my moment:
My turn to reign supreme.