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June 28th


Watched Wall-E with friends yesterday. The theater was packed! We ended up sitting in the 2nd row, which is kind of like the IMAX experience but with a slightly shaky projector and slightly scarred retinas by the end.

But anyway, overall comments: very cute!! Definitely worth the watch!

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June 22nd

wallpapers and weekends

The McLeod Residence is a rather intriguing establishment, whose walls are adorned with laser-etched skateboards and a mosaic of Michael Jackson made out of cereal.

The wallpaper for some reason reminded me of the wallpaper scene from Garden State.

JPG Mag has a wonderful series by Michael O’Neill inspired by the very scene:


June 19th

This blog is now brought to you by Microsoft

(from the internal intern mailing list, which is what happens when you let thousands on kids loose on an enterprise network)

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June 16th

status update

What I’ve been up to:

  • Making new friends: Most of the MSR interns I’ve met are fun people, quite contrary to the nerdy bookworms people would imagine them to be.
  • Touring Seattle: Went out for a non-touristy tour of Seattle, visiting places including the UW arboretum, Discovery Park (Photo above) and Downtown Seattle.
  • Skydiving: Jumped out of a plane from 13,000 ft. Landed on my feet. One of the most awesome experiences in my life :)
  • Living the working man’s life: Wake up at 7, snooze the alarm till 8, drive to work, come back home, run 3 miles, watch TV, go to bed. Rinse, repeat.

And because this blog is nothing without its links:

  • Mario Kart in Javascript.
  • Learning how to do play the didjeridoo can cure sleep apnea. I don’t have apnea, but I love trying to play a didge whenever I get my hands on one. I’ve never been able to get the circular breathing right though. Curiously, I learned about this from a Gmail ad.
  • A really fun and interesting Eco Zoo website.

June 12th

Rock el Casbah

Algerian artist Rachid Taha covers The Clash’s hit Rock the Casbah:


June 12th

phew, finally

Finally, some sun:


June 8th

meanwhile, in other internships

Pradeep talks about some pretty crazy hardware he’s working with this summer. A 120 Terabyte disk array with a cache size of 120GB. Insane! HP Sells these on their website… my birthday is in February, guys!


June 7th

obamanations and hillarity

IBM IRL’er Rahul Gupta speaks the truth:

Local visitor has hard time giving sh*t about Clinton-Obama tussle
San Francisco (Jun 4): Recent reports have indicated that local tourist Rahul Gupta, who is visiting California for a 3-month internship, doesn’t really give a damn about the boxing match between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The 24×7 coverage of the issue on the news channels and the late night shows seem to have really pissed him off.
But what really gets his goat is that a majority of the “non-resident aliens” in US, who have no voting rights, seem to have invested a lot of time in forming their opinion. Even a FOB seems to have taken a stronger stand than the true blue Democrat citizens.
As this article was going to the press, news came in that Hillary is going to concede the nomination to Obama. Relieved, the local intern said that now he can finally watch high quality shows such as American Idol, Wife Swap, ElimiDate and Jerry Springer.

His other blog posts are also worth a read; they remind me of Satyen Kale ‘s blog, which lived a short life despite it’s utter awesomeness. If only CS Researchers would stop worrying about this P-NP business and entertain the world a little…

June 6th

UNIX, how I miss thee

Obligatory Cartoon Response

(for all you non-geeks, here’s the context).

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June 4th

Day Two

Cool things at work:

  • [cannot talk about thanks to NDA]
  • [cannot talk about because it’s too boring]
  • [cannot talk about because I don’t understand it]

Things I can talk about: Had dinner with fellow intern Nilanjan at Udupi Palace. Good food, good price. One great thing about Bellevue / Redmond is the large Indian population here; resulting in a competitive and thriving demand for Indian restaurants and grocery stores. Looking forward to check out Mayuri next time we go out for Indian food.

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