Archive - Mar 11, 2008



(lyrics in progress, mostly to prove i ‘nuj i can spew spite on demand. don’t worry, i’m perfectly ok :) )

Tongue-twisted, flabbergasted
Frustrated, no control
mind afire, shattered pieces
a bruised and battered soul

that’s what you did
you killed the flame
you slit the veins, now
you take the blame

my deeds are not my doing
if you consider this
my death was by your thoughts
and your affected bliss

i create, you consume
you repress, i resume
i extinguish, you exhume
yet you profess that i presume?

you dress like you’re perfect
you drink like you’re flawed
you spend every breath in
a yearning for applause

(i’m writing about 1 verse an hour in between coding, let’s see how this goes :) )