Archive - Mar 2008


March 30th

design heads-up

I’m updating the website to a new design, sorry if the website acts strange.


March 29th

orphan pea soup

With a house of five people, we often end up with “unclaimed” items that was once brought into the house, but no one wants. They often sit on the counter for a couple months, and then get tossed in a cleaning session. This time around, we had 2 orphaned cans of peas, so I decided to make pea soup out of them. Here’s my “quick and dirty” pea soup recipe:

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March 27th

laura bush for president!

Laura Bush for President!


March 26th

life update haiku

running and swimming
writing follow up paper
moved to drupal six


March 22nd

happy holi

This is what Holi is supposed to look like:

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the nature of email

Some statistics about email from research papers.


March 19th

the sad truth

The cynic in me right now is laughing appreciatively in standing ovation, screaming “YES, FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT LIKE IT IS!”:


March 18th

training starts today!

Now that VLDB insanities, and St. Patrick’s Day’s festivities are behind us, I begin my uphill climb towards getting rid of all the evil life-shortening substances I have put in my body over the last few months. The goal is to not embarrass myself at the Dexter-Ann Arbor 10K run, which is on the 1st of June. I have 2 months and 12 days to do this; so hopefully this isn’t an impossible task.

The plan is to detox and switch to a strictly healthy diet first. So dear friends, if you ever see me eating anything that says “McDonalds” or “Milky Way” on it, please feel free to slap me in the face and shake some sense back into me. That’s what friends are for, after all. The second plan of attack is to start running Monday, Wednesday, Fridays along with strength exercises, and go swimming Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays. Sunday is rest day. For March, let’s keep running at 3 miles a day, and 500m swimming. Thankfully I’ve been doing 60 push-ups everyday already, and have been running once in a while, so my body should not collapse by April.

To be honest, I’m not looking forward to the sugar and fried food cravings. But I’ll do anything for a T-shirt, and this should be worth the trouble. Expect weekly updates on this front!


March 14th


Conversation during crunchtime:

Me: Sleep is for the weak!
Friend: Yeah, and work is for the weekends!


March 11th


(lyrics in progress, mostly to prove i ‘nuj i can spew spite on demand. don’t worry, i’m perfectly ok :) )

Tongue-twisted, flabbergasted
Frustrated, no control
mind afire, shattered pieces
a bruised and battered soul

that’s what you did
you killed the flame
you slit the veins, now
you take the blame

my deeds are not my doing
if you consider this
my death was by your thoughts
and your affected bliss

i create, you consume
you repress, i resume
i extinguish, you exhume
yet you profess that i presume?

you dress like you’re perfect
you drink like you’re flawed
you spend every breath in
a yearning for applause

(i’m writing about 1 verse an hour in between coding, let’s see how this goes :) )