Archive - Feb 11, 2008


how the IRS makes me feel

Friend: I’m depressed
Friend: sucky weather is what i am blaming it on
Arnab: no no, just ride it
Arnab: it’s fun to be depressed
Friend: what??????
Arnab: yeah
Arnab: you can be like “booohooo no one loves me”, “everything sucks”
Arnab: all these things dont make sense unless you’re depressed
Arnab: so this is your golden opportunity
Arnab: a friend calls it “being high on a low”
Friend: i will try to stay depressed
Friend: i promise
Arnab: good
Arnab: call your exes
Friend: done that
Arnab: haha
Friend: am doing taxes now
Arnab: LOL
Arnab: that was really funny
Friend: seriously am though