Archive - Feb 2008


February 29th

food fight!

This is pretty awesome:

I like the ending.


February 27th

diablo cody ftw

Making her 3 year old wish come true, Diablo Cody wins screenwriting Oscar for Juno. Now mothers everywhere will have to take extra time explaining to their teenage daughters why becoming a stripper is not a necessary option for a writing career.


February 23rd

the pavlovian fox

I just noticed a very interesting pavlovian threat-reward phenomenon happen in a video. While a single anecdotal instance is hardly general proof, but I am quite sure I can come up with many more instances of this. Here’s an analogy of what happened:

Scenario: Homer and Lisa Simpson are trapped in a room with an increasing percentage of helium gas in the air.

Lisa: Dad, my voice sounds funny!
Homer: What? Oh! WHAT THE HELL!! Helium! we’ll suffocate soon!

Mr Burns quickly opens the door and tosses in 50 donuts, and shuts it.

Homer: Oooooooooo, dooooonuuuuuuts.

Now watch this reward algorithm play out in real life:

I like how mainstream news channels are providing Psychology PhD students such large experimental platforms to study and publish papers on.


February 17th

appu ghar is closing down

India’s first amusement park, Appu Ghar is closing down. This is sad. I admit that many of the rides there were either broken or dated the last time I visited it, but it’s still a big part of my memories, just like every other Delhiite. The land will apparently be used to extend the Supreme Court and Metro Rail facilities. I don’t care for the court, but if the metro folks could just implement a loop) in their train tracks through the place, I would be very happy.


February 12th

whatever you do, don't get me socks

Just so you know:

Also, this girl is kind of funny.                                                                                                  



We need more of these kind of ideas in the world:

The company has been around for a long time; I remember them starting off with a see-saw based handpump replacement. Glad to see they’re still going strong!


conan o' brien is crazy

He brought in MIT professor Peter Fischer to perfect his ring spinning on TV:

You can skip to 5 minutes into this clip for the actual ring spinning. I left in the initial bit to demonstrate HOW MUCH TIME it takes for PhD folks to talk about what they do for a living.


February 11th

how the IRS makes me feel

Friend: I’m depressed
Friend: sucky weather is what i am blaming it on
Arnab: no no, just ride it
Arnab: it’s fun to be depressed
Friend: what??????
Arnab: yeah
Arnab: you can be like “booohooo no one loves me”, “everything sucks”
Arnab: all these things dont make sense unless you’re depressed
Arnab: so this is your golden opportunity
Arnab: a friend calls it “being high on a low”
Friend: i will try to stay depressed
Friend: i promise
Arnab: good
Arnab: call your exes
Friend: done that
Arnab: haha
Friend: am doing taxes now
Arnab: LOL
Arnab: that was really funny
Friend: seriously am though


February 7th

how to present data

Learn from the great Steve:

The green sector seems greater than the purple one — I guess you have a different perspective of seeing things, Mr. Jobs.


limerick for my housemate

This one’s for my Renee, who manages advertising for shoe companies, amongst other things:

There was a girl called chu
who had a band that sang the blues
the band didnt work out
and the drugs ran out
so now she manages adwords for shoes

Note for concerned readers and my mother: No, she did not have a band and does not do drugs (to my knowledge). I needed something to rhyme and hence I claim poetic license.