Archive - Oct 4, 2007


good ol' summer workplace

From cnet’s article about the nyc office:

The entire expanse is “geographically oriented” to match the island of Manhattan, so there are conference rooms named after subway stops and landmarks. Also spotted: pitchers of banana nut hemp smoothies, an inflatable kiddie pool full of plastic balls in the “game room” alongside massage chairs and Dance Dance Revolution mats, and “yield” signs to prevent Razor scooter crashes in the hallway.

Glad to know my handiwork is appreciated by the press.


scientific dating

Dating never got this geeky. The stats page is even more awesome.


toys i have bought lately

I’ve been shopping around lately, and here’s two of them.

This thin little watch — the Swatch Skin. It’s less than 4mm thick, and light as a feather. A huge change from my heavy-ish metal watches, and is great for daily wear.

My second acquisition is the iphone. It’s the ultimate geek toy of today. It’s really a marvel of engineering and design. I have seen more superior devices such as the Nokia N95, which trumps the iPhone in every way, but the phone has a certain sense of completeness which makes it a completely different product. Also, the fact that it’s a web-capable BSD Unix terminal makes it the perfect swiss-army-knife for most of my activities. IT’s a little clunky though, if you’re used to throwing around a RAZR, like me. But overall, I’m completely satisfied.