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Evil, am I ?

How do you recognize that point when you have stopped being a caring person and have become an insensitive prick?

When do people start perceiving you as something you are not? And why?

What is right and what is wrong? And do I get to decide it?

In the most recessed part of your soul, there’s an asshole residing. Waiting to take over your life at the slightest of slip-ups.

Even if you do realize this, can you do something about it?

When do you start becoming arrogant? Are you?

Where has that innocence gone? Where?

Why have we started caring so much? Like our life depended on it.

Do I hate you? Nah.

Do you hate me? I am sure you have every reason to.

I thought I was good. Now, I am not so sure.

No, I am not looking for pity. No, I am not regretful of who I am. It’s about self-discovery. To look at your dark side and not be fettered. No, I am not going to change anything. I can’t. Nobody can change oneself. No, you can’t. Don’t even try.

Am I evil? I think so.