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October 31st


A carved pumpkin I saw in my neighborhood:

Get it? Pumpkin PIE!



Slow day. Here’s some soothing but weird music to counter the blankness:


October 26th

stephen colbert owns Facebook!

Stephen T Colbert, the host of the Colbert Report and the guy who’s making Man of the Year a true story just rocked Facebook. The social network has this feature where you create a group, and ask other people to join it. The group can be about an agenda, a common peeve, of even a friend’s mother.

Growth is usually viral, people usually learn about a group by reading about it in their newsfeed. The last 10 days have seen one of the fastest growing groups in Facebook history, attracting some press coverage. The 1 million strong for Colbert group is the craziest internet phenomenon I’ve seen in a while.

As the group neared its 1 million mark, I thought it would be a good idea to monitor the growth of the group over the next few hours. With some scripting jiggery-pokery, I was able to record the size of the group every 30 seconds, from 6:30pm yesterday, to 8:30am today morning, which is when I woke up and killed the script.

So here it is, the data, visualized. Presenting to you, the growth of “1,000,000 strong for Colbert”:

Notice how the growth unsurprisingly curves off as people go to bed at 1am EST (or 11am PST), and begins growing again at 6am.

To provide a complete picture, I also threw in the overall growth data over the days:


October 25th

deep thoughts

From a Wise man’s weblog

Evil, am I ?

How do you recognize that point when you have stopped being a caring person and have become an insensitive prick?

When do people start perceiving you as something you are not? And why?

What is right and what is wrong? And do I get to decide it?

In the most recessed part of your soul, there’s an asshole residing. Waiting to take over your life at the slightest of slip-ups.

Even if you do realize this, can you do something about it?

When do you start becoming arrogant? Are you?

Where has that innocence gone? Where?

Why have we started caring so much? Like our life depended on it.

Do I hate you? Nah.

Do you hate me? I am sure you have every reason to.

I thought I was good. Now, I am not so sure.

No, I am not looking for pity. No, I am not regretful of who I am. It’s about self-discovery. To look at your dark side and not be fettered. No, I am not going to change anything. I can’t. Nobody can change oneself. No, you can’t. Don’t even try.

Am I evil? I think so.


October 22nd

startup idea #4984

Here’s an idea I thought of a while ago. You have the storm botnet, which is apparently now capable of being the world’s most powerful supercomputer:

The Storm botnet, or Storm worm botnet, is a massive network of computers linked by the Storm worm Trojan horse in a botnet, a group of “zombie” computers controlled remotely. It is estimated to run on as many as 1,000,000 to 50,000,000 infected and compromised computer systems as of September 2007. Its formation began around January, 2007, when the Storm worm at one point accounted for 8% of all infections on all Microsoft Windows computers.

The botnet reportedly is powerful enough as of September 2007 to force entire countries off of the Internet, and is estimated to be able to potentially execute more instructions per second than some of the world’s top supercomputers.

Obviously, having a large supercomputer is big business these days. So what you do is have a legal version of this. Let’s say you sell computers at 70% of their real price. The only catch is that people will have to run this special software as part of the system. The special software is basically a remote compute client similar to Folding@Home or Google Compute.

Once you have sold enough computers, you essentially have a large army of computers at your beck and call, for 30% the price of what you would have to invest in otherwise. Of course, obviously someone else owns the machines, but while they are doing lightweight tasks such as checking email and chatting, you are folding proteins, running simulations and cracking ciphers.

Now here’s the best part of the deal: the most expensive part of a grid is not the hardware, but the electricity that it uses. And guess who’s paying this electricity! The customer, not you!.

So there you have it. A cheap, one-time cost for an everlasting free CPU grid. Awesome ainnit?

note: This idea is under this license.


craigslist fantasies

w4m post on sf.craigslist : I can almost hear the millions of sighs of disappointment from geeks around the world as this link travels around.


sunday cookathon

Spent a few hours today cooking for the week. It all started off with a desire to make mushroom stuffed capsicums (or peppers, as the firangs call it here). One thing led to another, and I ended up “cooking up a storm”, as they say, completing 5 dishes in one non-stop session. I was pretty exhausted by the end, but at least I have food for the week, especially since the week is going to be a crazy one, and i wont have time! Here’s the menu:

Baked Corn and Mushroom stuffed Capsicum

Cream and Pepper Vegetable Stew

Vegetable Stir Fry

Baked Okra

And the grand finalé…

Malay-style Chicken Biryani


October 20th

english as chinese

If English were written like Chinese.


October 18th

Is it christmas?

Is it Christmas? It also has an RSS Feed.


October 17th

interesting observation

I just realized that Black water in Hindi translates directly to Kaala paani.