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July 10th

nada nada nada

Avial’s “Nada Nada”: Zimbly Aawzum, aa.


bloody indian

Bloody Indian:

“The standard-issue Bloody Indian goes abroad and talks only to other Indians. He or she will eat only rice and daal cooked in the communal kitchen where Bloody Indians gather. They complain about foreigners, their loose women, their dirty ways and their disgusting food. They will, however, religiously and respectfully put away these foreigners’ high-exchange-rate money every month.”
“The prime-grade Bloody Indian will go abroad and get a full-blown accent on the walk from the plane to immigration (some even get one on takeoff, and some of the worst offenders get one even before they’ve left home). They suck up to all the Westerners they meet and try very hard to prove to them that Indians are just Westerners in disguise.”

update, Nov 2010: Haha, I seem to be getting hate mail for this blog post! A quick clarification: the quoted words aren’t mine, they were from a website called “Bloody”, which has since shut down. The site featured fairly stirring commentary on stereotypes of Indians abroad. I’ve updated the link to point to Internet Archive, so you can read the contents of that old website.

enough said

zidane is awesome

Congratulations, Italy—.


July 7th

good writing

From Aaron Swartz’s weblog

If you think the writing here is poor, that’s probably why. Real writing takes editing. But I don’t consider this writing, I consider this thinking. I like sharing my thoughts and I like hearing yours and I like practicing expressing ideas, but fundamentally this blog is not for you, it’s for me. I’m sorry. Maybe that isn’t how it should be, but at least for now that’s how it is. In my defense, nobody’s making you come here.


phone prank

Now this is an awesome phone prank.


July 5th

bengali bonding

Aakash documents our recent Bengali Bonding session.


July 2nd

pixar interns

Interns at Pixar don’t have it easy.


July 1st


Society for Handheld Hushing : Nice idea. I also like this idea.



NerdCore : Geeksta Rap by Grad Students (via someone from UW I met at SIGMOD)


June 30th

soul cleansing