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August 11th

August 10th

pour it baby

If the liquid could be explosive, why are you dumping it in a crowd? : Sodium Peroxide (from last blogpost) is one such liquid that would just explode into flames if you dump it in a garbage can.


detroit to ann arbor

Apparently commuting from Detroit to Ann Arbor is possible by Amtrak.


Giving up TV

8 Changes I Experienced After Giving Up TV. I’ve done this too, and life’s much better.


porter stemmer

The Porter Stemmer page has been revised.


August 9th

sodium peroxide

(a phone call I just attended at work)

My new flatmate, works in the Mech Department: “Dude, first thing i saw after waking up, why is there a bottle of Sodium Peroxide in the Fridge?!!!”

Arnab: “No, that’s the bottle of milk from the work fridge — I label it like that so that coworkers don’t drink it. Anyway, I owe you a cup of milk, so feel free and have some.”

I guess this is a little alarming to people for whom peroxide in the fridge is actually a feasible scenario.


August 7th



indian population

I had a little fun with PBS’s surname ranking service, and came up with these interesting numbers:

patel is surname number 386 in the USA.
shah is surname number 1751 in the USA.
singh is surname number 630 in the USA.
kumar is surname number 4039 in the USA.

To provide context, there’s the other surnames:

lee is surname number 23 in the USA.
lopez is surname number 39 in the USA.
smith is surname number 1 in the USA.
bush is surname number 311 in the USA.
clinton is surname number 1703 in the USA.


usb drive

Cheap USB Drive : well, atleast they got the USB part right.



Brewster Kahle’s Bookmobile Project: A van that allows you to print from one of thousands of public-domain books, and serves it up in bound form, all for under a dollar.