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September 4th

post 911

How 9/11 changed America: In statistics. The “Hate Crime” tab is just disturbing.



Amazon reviews for the “GasBGon Flatulence Odor Control Seat Cushion”. Amazing stuff:

This product is so totally amazing. Usually my farts are bad enough that people around me say they can actually TASTE them. Not anymore! I ordered me one of these here fart pillows and now I can just lay waste to it all day and no one’s the wiser. I do wish they would come out with a fart pillow that had a cooling effect. Sometimes my chair gets so hot that I actually start to become a little lightheaded and begin to sweat. That’s another problem though. I am just glad that i’ll be able to stealth bomb the office this winter. Thanks fart pillow!


September 3rd


Someone tried to add me to their IM buddylist yesterday / today, and I accidentally declined their buddy authorization in my groggy state. If it was you, dear reader, to whom I accidentally refused my unbidding friendship and loyalty, I beg you to give me a second chance! This time I wont screw up.


August 26th

grizzly peak

Went to Grizzly Peak today with Rob, Benji, Amy, Kaushik and Nikhil. Tad expensive, but the food was good.


tear o rism

(courtesy apo)

Dr. Suresh writes:

So let me get this straight:

We live in interesting times.


August 24th

now reading

I’ve become a big fan of xkcd, and the author in general, who is also responsible for, amongst other things, this comic series, a binary preference voting engine, efforts for the conservation of gravity, and building robots at NASA Langley. You sir, seriously deserve a real Real Men of Genious award.


August 23rd


Just had this “brainfart”:

Contrary to popular thought, you do not need to have an opinion about everything in this world. Or everyone in this world. There will be some things you approve of, some you don’t approve of; and some you don’t, and shouldn’t even care about. The same goes with people : it is not important to either like or dislike a person — having a neutral / apathetic attitude towards a person is a perfectly healthy thing to have. More importantly, it is not expected of people around you to either like you or dislike you. They can choose to not care, and this says absolutely nothing about you, or them. Unless, of course, you go ahead and forcibly elicit an opinion. The feedback forcibly got will be fairly obvious, and based solely(at the least) by your unnecessary use of force: that you’re an irritating self-obsessed person who doesn’t know better.

Clarification to my lovely readers; this was just a pointless thought, caused solely by an inordinate amount of Java coding. Don’t try reading to far into this, it’s not about me or you or anyone one else. And I do have an opinion about all of you guys, you’re awesome, obviously!


August 22nd

browser security

It is possible to know where a person has been using the visited: css decorator and javascript. Very interesting idea, I’m not sure how the browser manufacturers are going to play this.


August 21st

cant help it

Arnab: there?

Anuj: ish esque?
Anuj: sup?

Arnab: have you heard of the new Gujarati Food Documentary?
Arnab: it’s taking the US by storm
Arnab: it’s all about dieting properly using a schedule
Arnab: ???
Arnab: dont tell me you havent heard about it

Anuj: uh, no
Anuj: i haven’t

Arnab: DUDE

Anuj: why do i care? :)

Arnab: you havent heard about

Anuj: OH my GOD



Arnab: bam!

Anuj: that was awesome, btw

Arnab: rofl

Anuj: i’m sitting in a small conf room w/ my boss and we’re fixing a huge problem with the product XP style .. consequently, my poker face thru this is worthy of medals.

Arnab: heh

Arnab: you’re the only desi online
Arnab: so didnt have any option

Anuj: i know i know


August 11th

100 dollar palmtop

WiFi, LCD Screen, SD Card, rubberized keyboard, Linux : The Aeronix ZipIt.