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the pimping lemma

The Pimping Lemma by Monzy, explicit CS pickup rap. (via Namrata)


lend a hand

Just got this from juventas:

one of my Friend’s (Puneet Kukreja’s) friend’s mother condition is very serious. Needs 4-bottles of B -ve . Contact: gayatri +91-9841983811.


October 31st

halloween music

Happy Halloween folks! RadioParadise is playing some really fun ghoulish music right now.


October 25th

hindi hilarity

sorry firang people, this one is in Hindi, and can’t be translated:

(umi and i are talking about a pair of laila majnus)

Umi: …unka pyaar vyakt kar rahe hai

Me: vyaakt…

Me: vyaaaakt…


Umi: mean boy :P


October 14th

another gaping void


October 12th

snowing already

Holy iceflakes! It’s snowing already in Michigan! Kaushik has a cool photo :)


October 4th

slideshare launches

Slideshare, the YouTube for Powerpoints developed by the cool people at Uzanto, which includes my old partner-in-crime, Kapil. I’ve been testing it for a while now, I think it’s quite spiffy. Currently the only way to use this is by getting invited by an early adopter, so if you need an invite, please send me a message, and I’ll invite you.



It’s official now: They don’t think I’m stupid. :)


September 26th

hopeless people

I have boring friends.


September 23rd

ladies bible study

Ladies Bible Study : Wikipedia entry for a mail storm that happened a few days back at UM.