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June 2nd


Nine-year old bug found. Interesting how something so simple can survive undetected for such a long time.



I have problems communicating with people.


May 17th

the dumbing down

Research talks as theater: I was thinking about this a while back; I can imagine how bad it is for interdisciplinary researchers to have to present their work to audiences in either areas who have absolutely no idea about the complementary field.

May 16th

it's out! it's out!

Here comes the MacBook! Core Duo, 13.3”, iSight, available in black and white.Pretty much everything I expected. Now to wait for everyone to get one, for the revisions to show, and then buy it. Man, what a long wait I had to make to buy a stupid laptop.

Some Notes:

  • AppleInsider has some photos of the black version unboxed. Seems like it’s Matte-finish black, instead of shiny Nano-black. Aaron says it reminds him of the old Powerbooks Stelios is reminded of Thinkpads I agree with them. I might stick with white (photos).
  • At 5.2 pounds, it’s 1.2 pounds heavier than the old iBook G4 and just .4 pounds lighter than the new Macbook Pro. I was expecting it to be lighter.
  • At 1.08 inches, it’s .08 inches thicker than the MacBook Pro, and .2 inches thinner than the iBook.
  • No direct DVI / VGA out. You’ll need a mini DVI-to-VGA/DVI cable (extra $19) if you plan to use this for presentations.
  • I like the keyboard.
  • Use your Apple university store to buy if you’re a student — the savings are huge if you upgrade things and add AppleCare.
  • You might want to wait for a while: If ultraportables are what you’re looking for, there have been rumors about a “Video iPod” ; which in my opinion will end up showing up as a nice UMPC equivalent.

May 11th

Dorm room fantasy

face this

Holy crap the Facebook dude is more than a year younger than me. Man, this sucks.


collaborative single signon

Cosign — a collaborative single sign-on project that powers all of UofM’s services.


May 2nd

double standards

Google’s double standards.


May 1st

four point seven

Drupal finally makes it to version 4.7. Man, this was a long ride.


April 30th

hilarious commentary

I would be shocked to know this isn’t a parody, but you can expect anything these days:

And guess what software Osama Bin Laden uses on his laptop?

If you guessed it was Linux you would be 100% right. Osama uses Linux because he knows (it was) designed to counterfit DVDs, curcumventing the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, and defraud companies like Disney.