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November 13th

zune tagged

While I haven’t been able to get my hands on one yet(I’m waiting on Rhode to donate hers when she gets it), this whole Microsoft Zune thing seems like as if it was designed to be unspectacular and mediocre. Microsoft usually has a way about spewing awe, even if it’s for vaporware. For example, this Longhorn concept video, makes me want to run out and buy a copy. Why don’t I feel like that for the Zune? MacObserver is running an article with similar thoughts, and I agree that Microsoft isn’t really trying to compete here. There’s no way they can catch up with Apple’s 6-year lead instantly, so they’ve decided that they’ll simply launch a product that will dilute the market. Since the Zune looks(atleast from a distance) just like an iPod, it’s prevalence is going to take the “ooh, look he has an iPod” perception to “meh, it’s a Zune like thing; and that Zune is lame. What a loser.”. One may argue that millions of other mp3 players have not diluted iPod’s branding, but the difference is that this is Microsoft.

The next year is going to be a fun one for handheld devices. I’m saying handheld devices because I’m waiting for the real video iPod — a 9-inch UMPC tablet running a lightweight OSX — The Rebirth of the The Newton, I guess!

Update: After spending 2 minutes with Rhode’s Zune, I think it’s safe to say that it doesn’t really suck. It’s basically a fat iPod, a successor to the Portable Windows Media Players. The perfect analogy would be the characters from the “Hi, I’m a Mac” campaign — while the iPod is slim and suave, the Zune is quirky, plump and primitive; but definitely quite likable.


November 13th

more youtube

Dr. Rajkumar does what is probably the most awesome english music video ever.


i scream

Coldstone has a buy-one-get-one-free coupon offer, from now through January next year.




A "different" mac ad

‘A “different” Mac Ad’: Funny because it’s mostly true.


November 12th

tiny url preview

My favourite web service TinyURL has a new “preview” feature: simple convert any URL that looks like to and it takes you to a page that shows you what link it’s pointing to, instead of auto-redirecting. A great idea for links from people you don’t trust!

November 10th

famous talkers

The guy behind the iPod, Tony Fadell was here at the CS building to give a talk (with good pizza afterwards, which was the whole point of going there). Things to note: They’ve sold over Eighty Seven Million of those, with over 100,000 of them being manufactured a day. He also passed around his new iPod shuffle for people to see, which is so crazy tiny that it’s not funny — you could actually swallow it.

Next talk to note: on November 16th; is Orkut Büyükkökten, the creator of Orkut.


November 9th

eery aptness

Guidelines for Platonic Friendship :

1. No hugging for greetings or salutations. Hugging is only allowed for personal tragedies or blessed events when the emotional significance of the situation blocks out the knowledge that your boobies are pressing against me. We have hands; lets shake them.


November 7th

i want these

xkcd T-Shirts are zimbly awesome.


November 3rd

important advice

Benjamin Franklin’s advice to a young man.