Archive - Sep 16, 2006



Observations from my playlist:

  • The tune for the title track for the movie “Lakshya” by Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy is a direct copy of the guitar riff in AC|DC’s “Hard as a rock”.
  • A.R. Rahman’s “Thaiyya Thaiyya” seems eerily remeniscent of The Corr’s “Silver Strand”.
  • I have songs from Britney Spears on my playlist, which I don’t delete, just to have them pop up at unforseen moments. My body breaks into spasms, the moment I hear them, which is a great way to stay awake when working late.

moto modding

The RAZR usually shows the T-Mobile logo on the outside screen when the flap is open. Thankfully, the phone has a very nice filesystem inside, which you can access using Moto4lin. This allows me to modify anything inside the phone, including the logo, which is a gif file you can easily replace. Hence, I am no longer a walking-talking advertisement for T-mobile — I’m now advertising!:

Installing MP3s for ringtones is as simple as a copy / delete / reboot, as described here. The requirements on the page seem to be too stringent, my current ringtone is the intro to Joe Satriani’s “Why”, which is available in mp3 form from his website.

The next step is to get this syncing somehow with Evolution, however writing a conduit for such things is usually too complicated for what it’s worth.