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August 3rd

interesting idea

Ticket Stubs as currency : Nice idea, of course it has the problem that any viral campaign has — that everyone has a limited number of friends, and that if your friends give you the stubs, you will have no one to go with, since your friends have already watched the movie.


amazing obfuscation


August 2nd


Meebo launches MeeboMe. You can do things like start chatting with people who’re currently visiting your website — you can actually initiate the chat… I think that’s pretty cool.


self explanatory

Heartless Bitches International. Hmm. I actually know more than a few people who should sign up for this.


August 1st

stolen goals

Woah. I just noticed that the opening (and background) riffs of AC|DC’s “Hard as a Rock” are the same notes as Lakshya’s title track. Shankar, Ehsan and Loy : you have some explaining to do!


overheard in a2

Overheard in Ann Arbor is A2’s answer to the New York weblog. Nothing beats undergrad conversation, really. They should get Kyle to clone Overplot for this.



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