Archive - Aug 23, 2006



Just had this “brainfart”:

Contrary to popular thought, you do not need to have an opinion about everything in this world. Or everyone in this world. There will be some things you approve of, some you don’t approve of; and some you don’t, and shouldn’t even care about. The same goes with people : it is not important to either like or dislike a person — having a neutral / apathetic attitude towards a person is a perfectly healthy thing to have. More importantly, it is not expected of people around you to either like you or dislike you. They can choose to not care, and this says absolutely nothing about you, or them. Unless, of course, you go ahead and forcibly elicit an opinion. The feedback forcibly got will be fairly obvious, and based solely(at the least) by your unnecessary use of force: that you’re an irritating self-obsessed person who doesn’t know better.

Clarification to my lovely readers; this was just a pointless thought, caused solely by an inordinate amount of Java coding. Don’t try reading to far into this, it’s not about me or you or anyone one else. And I do have an opinion about all of you guys, you’re awesome, obviously!