Archive - Jul 14, 2006


atlas shrugged movie

Oh man oh man oh man…. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged to be made into a blockbuster movie trilogy. I’m really looking forward to this one… even though there’s a very high probability they’ll completely screw it up.

From a nice comment on the MR blog:

the plot is acuually not bad. A decent mystery, some completely interesting side plots. Plus enough glamour, enough put downs of elites, DTs offensive brother. There is far to many words in between actual action, but overall, it should translate pretty well. Plus for movies.

However, there are two very large problems.

One of the main symbols in the book is the cigarette. It comes up over and over as a direct symbol for capitalism. I have a difficult time thinking of the book without thinking about all of the smoking scenes, ya know, fire tamed at the fingertip of man and all that. We now know cigs are very bad for you and cause a large number of health problems. So does capitalism cause these bad things too? Um…When I brought this up to some randians, they said the choice of symbol was ‘unfortunate’. hehehe.

Second, John Gs invention is something that mines energy directly from space. Also known as ‘Zero Point Energy’, or ZPE, today, these ‘inventions’ have resulted in a field full of cranks, charlatans and outright theives…