Archive - Jun 25, 2006


aadl surprise

My town uses my code : the Ann Arbor District Library uses Drupal for their web interface, including my captcha module!



Wow, I wish I had access to indian television just to watch this gem of an interview.



Good to know it’s not just me.


product placement

A round up of things I recommend at this moment:

  • Say It’s Possible by Terra Naomi. Slightly trite but haunting melody, this is the kind of music I would write if I had the aukat.
  • Hersheys Milk Chocolate with Caramel Bar : I just consumed three of these bars in the last 10 minutes. Don’t feel too well at the moment.
  • Snyders Garlic Bread Nibblers : finished a whole bag of them all by myself last night after a heavy dinner. Yes, I know I’m crazy.
  • Proof : I liked Miss Paltrow.
  • Ann Arbor Summer Festival is lots of fun, with all-evening live performances, families with rugs, dogs and insanely cute kids all over the place. I have never seen so many kids in Ann Arbor before.
  • Cricket Green Tea Cola : an amazing combination of two very nice things. Uniquely refreshing, perfect with A Wreck.