Archive - Apr 27, 2006

yahoo babelfish

Yahoo Babelfish, from the acquisitions past. This one will take a while to register in my mind — everytime I think of the babelfish, AV comes to mind.


eiffel tower on google maps

These are the things that make you go “Oooh, niiice”. Notice how the long line of people waiting to get on to the tower is still in the picture since it was moving so slowly, that the image processing could not detect it as people and left them in (moving things like people and cars are usually removed).


google is building the metaverse

Here’s a set of comparisons between the big G and things from the book Snow Crash:

What next? Take a look at Second Life, and the talk they gave at Google NY — I’m not quite sure of the implementation itself, but this does seem like the next piece in the Snow crash puzzle.

… and then we’ll soon have Google merging with the Library of Congress, and Yahoo, Amazon, MS, and eBay merging with the mafia, and the picture will be complete.