Archive - Apr 13, 2006

funny commentary

From a post on a gadget weblog about a 12×30” LCD screen set up:

I am a starving indian boy and while my mom is away working at the dell call center I have to use this stupid hand cranked pc to get on the internet and post this comment, afterwards im going to bath and get a drink from the same body of water. Vishnu? Why does this guy have 12 monitors…why are you punishing us? OH VISHNU WHY?!?!


stupid people everywhere

It’s interesting how you get to see so many relationships start in Winter, take shape around the end of it, flourish around the beginning of spring, and then spectacularly fall on their face and come crashing to a halt in a few weeks. Just when the weather is most perfect — sunny skies, cool breeze, fresh leaves on trees. What a waste, depressed people walking around with that “this-world-sucks” glaze in their eyes, in such misery that God must be wondering why he’s wasting something as beautiful as Spring on stupid people like these. It’s all about timing, folks! Get hitched in winter, have the most awesome spring of your life, get all bitchy and irritated in the sweltering hot summer, which would give you a great mindset to scream and yell and break up, celebrate the single-ness in Fall, and then spend all of the dull, gloomy pre-winter months being cynical and conniving, planning the ex-significant-other’s murder, while at the same time looking for a replacement. Lather rinse repeat. Not a dull day in your life anymore!

note to self: set up the “Top 40 Breakup songs of all time” playlist. A lot of people could use it right now.