Archive - Mar 26, 2006

selection zoom in Google Maps

Raj Kaimal has an implemented demo of zoom by area selection. Very neat.


things i have done in the last few days

1. Had dinner at Mongolian Barbecue. Interesting place : they do it on the grill! The grillers are one merry bunch: spending hours in that hot, loud, noisy grill arena, singing, cheering — they almost make it seem like it’s an extreme sport. Would love to work there for a very short while. Follow that up with Chocolate Therapy at Ben & Jerry’s, and I’m a happy man.

2. Saw V for Vendetta – nice movie.

3. Met Arnab, Kaushik’s cousin. It’s always fun to meet a namesake.

4. Played with a friend’s Macbook Pro. The first thing I noticed was: Ooh, it’s thin! I’m finding it very hard to resist buying one.