Archive - Mar 12, 2006

tell tale signs

You know you’re a nerd when:

  • A sophomore introduces himself as Eric Schmidt, and you ask if it’s a problem, do people point out that you’re a namesake of a rather famous guy. And he tells you not really, very few people, in places like the CSE building would know stuff like that.
  • You go to a dance, and when you take your sweatshirt off, you realize you’re wearing (and simultaneously display to the whole grooving wide world), a dark blue t-shirt with bright yellow letters that say, LET’S GET NERDY.
  • People recognize you from your mailing list posts.
  • There is talk of poultry farmers putting chicken bits in chicken feed; and you proclaim the process as bootstrapping.
  • You’re up at 1:13am on a Saturday night filing bug reports about missing favicons at

What can I say. We’re like that only, please excuse.