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February 4th

color me saffron

Staying away from yet another review of the movie, all I’m going to say is, “Oh paen di takki gar ki yaad diladi yaarr… idhar bas Gullabbon de najaare se dil behla letaa hun “.


February 2nd

random 'shoppin

Came up with this.


February 1st

i'm feeling lukkha

From an entry on my Orkut scrapbook:

abey saale … 14th feb ko budday aur abhi bhi lukkha hai? yeh kaise huie?

Which, translated means,

Dude, your birthday is on the 14th of February and you’re still lukkha?

It’s hard to translate the word “lukkha”. In Marathi, it apparently means “deprived”. The best description I’ve found on the net so far is by “amunix”:

Lukkhaa (n): A bachelor, who follows all the principles of bachelorhood very rigorously (eg., messy room, getting up very late, night-outs, no container to store water in, except for the tap, no bath for a couple of days etc..)

Being an almost OCD type person, the messy room and no-bath-for-weeks is out of question. But you should get the general idea. What to say boss, c’est la vie.