Archive - Feb 12, 2006

on the lameness of valentines

me: so, are you sending roses to her?
me: or do you think V-day is lame?
friend: sending roses is lame
friend: mp3 encoder is lame
friend: another thingy for ur poem
me: 3 legged dog is lame
friend: thats the same lame as sending roses
friend: hmm, maybe i should send her a 3 legged dog


goodesktop 3

If I were you, I would stay away from Google Desktop 3. The EFF’s worries are a little far fetched, but not unplausible at all. To be very honest, this combined with personalized search, Google Talk archiving, and GMail Talk are really worrying me. It’s like incubating a dinosaur egg. It might be a brontosaur, but it might also be a T-Rex.

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