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November 25th

sound advice

The Economist’s advice on long distance relationships. If only all agony-aunt columns were like this!


November 24th

fowl gratitude

We hosted dinner at our place this thanksgiving; with orange-onion-stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, bruschetta, and vegetarian sushi, all of which were prepared by chef extraordinaire Dan. We spent all day cleaning house, cooking, and preparing everything — fun! Kaushik’s put up photos on his Flickr page.


November 16th

ps3 madness

This is just plain crazy: a PlayStation 3 just got sold for $10,000 on eBay.


yellow fever

Team Wong Fu tries to demystify the The Asian girl – White guy problem. Brilliant.


November 14th

seetharaman narayanan

Photoshop desi, revealed.


abortion laws of the world

Summary of Abortion Laws Around the World : Very nice list, though I don’t know why “is allowed” is shown as red, and “is not allowed” is green.


wrong things

Conversations at 5am:

Alyk: i need a nap in the worst way
Arnab: run down the up elevator
Arnab: you’ll either die
Arnab: or be shaken up enough to work thru the rest of the night
Arnab: i’ve done it
Arnab: and i did not die
Alyk: lol


zune tagged

While I haven’t been able to get my hands on one yet(I’m waiting on Rhode to donate hers when she gets it), this whole Microsoft Zune thing seems like as if it was designed to be unspectacular and mediocre. Microsoft usually has a way about spewing awe, even if it’s for vaporware. For example, this Longhorn concept video, makes me want to run out and buy a copy. Why don’t I feel like that for the Zune? MacObserver is running an article with similar thoughts, and I agree that Microsoft isn’t really trying to compete here. There’s no way they can catch up with Apple’s 6-year lead instantly, so they’ve decided that they’ll simply launch a product that will dilute the market. Since the Zune looks(atleast from a distance) just like an iPod, it’s prevalence is going to take the “ooh, look he has an iPod” perception to “meh, it’s a Zune like thing; and that Zune is lame. What a loser.”. One may argue that millions of other mp3 players have not diluted iPod’s branding, but the difference is that this is Microsoft.

The next year is going to be a fun one for handheld devices. I’m saying handheld devices because I’m waiting for the real video iPod — a 9-inch UMPC tablet running a lightweight OSX — The Rebirth of the The Newton, I guess!

Update: After spending 2 minutes with Rhode’s Zune, I think it’s safe to say that it doesn’t really suck. It’s basically a fat iPod, a successor to the Portable Windows Media Players. The perfect analogy would be the characters from the “Hi, I’m a Mac” campaign — while the iPod is slim and suave, the Zune is quirky, plump and primitive; but definitely quite likable.


November 13th

more youtube

Dr. Rajkumar does what is probably the most awesome english music video ever.


i scream

Coldstone has a buy-one-get-one-free coupon offer, from now through January next year.