Archive - 2006

December 28th

tpt / ado meetup

Dear TpT / readers in and around SF / Bay area: I’m in town, would like to meet up tomorrow evening. Post comments to rsvp!


December 12th

balls to evolution

“Frozen in Time”:

The site of human testicles seems a bizarre anomaly from an evolutionary point of view, like positioning the driver of an armored vehicle in a sack strapped to the bumper. If the whole point of the human organism is to pass on genes, why put the repository of those precious genes out front, in harm’s way? Why not protect them the way the brain and the heart are protected, with thick bone vaults and, in the brain’s case, an elaborate barrier to bloodborne infection?


tired, lost, anxious to end
this misery, this world, this age of pretend

eager, to move on

into the times where the sky is a smile
where my dreams and i can see eye to eye

oh, if life was just a song

but alas, for i have no wings to fly
no legs to stand, no tears to cry

anymore, for i am withered

removed, parched, lusting for hope
seeking madness, methods to cope

removed, without notice

pieced away from the peace that i require
my means put away by my desire

alas, for i forgot

the flame that kept my blood alive,
tormented my will, ignited my strife

someday, i will avenge

till then, let me bask in my pity.

note: no, I didn’t just break up, I don’t have a drug problem, I’m not contemplating suicide, and no one fucked me over. Thanks for asking.


November 25th

sound advice

The Economist’s advice on long distance relationships. If only all agony-aunt columns were like this!


November 24th

fowl gratitude

We hosted dinner at our place this thanksgiving; with orange-onion-stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, bruschetta, and vegetarian sushi, all of which were prepared by chef extraordinaire Dan. We spent all day cleaning house, cooking, and preparing everything — fun! Kaushik’s put up photos on his Flickr page.


November 16th

ps3 madness

This is just plain crazy: a PlayStation 3 just got sold for $10,000 on eBay.


yellow fever

Team Wong Fu tries to demystify the The Asian girl – White guy problem. Brilliant.


November 14th

seetharaman narayanan

Photoshop desi, revealed.


abortion laws of the world

Summary of Abortion Laws Around the World : Very nice list, though I don’t know why “is allowed” is shown as red, and “is not allowed” is green.


wrong things

Conversations at 5am:

Alyk: i need a nap in the worst way
Arnab: run down the up elevator
Arnab: you’ll either die
Arnab: or be shaken up enough to work thru the rest of the night
Arnab: i’ve done it
Arnab: and i did not die
Alyk: lol