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June 22nd

tales from the blogout

You can see photos from the Blogout trip here

Some memorable quotes:

“Hi, what’s your URL?”— Me to Anuja, a non-blogger, who then made a very strange face.
“Tulsi, see? it was capsizing because of you” — Sathish VJ, 2 minutes before his canoe capsized for a third time (much to my chagrin, having substituted Tulsi as Sathish’s co-canoeist)
“Anybody got a deodorant?” — Me, starting off a rather exctiting ten minutes of attempting to kindle a rain-soaked campfire with the alcohol-based blow torches otherwise known as Axe and Fa. The campfire didn’t start, but I did get very nice smelling hands.
“Faaxe” — Venky (or was it Suman or Sathish?), christening the new scent.
“Mix.” — The rather curiously humored camp-coordinator Ganesh, on being asked if the container contained tea or coffee.
“I don’t care! – I want female — The pig-headed ticket collector who refused to believe that one of us had an accidental “F” in place of an “M” on his ticket – despite showing him the guy’s driving license. Don’t we all, sir, don’t we all.


June 19th

To be a gal in Delhi


….In order to survive the Capital city a woman must have short hair, wear complicated and well fitting clothes, must not use phones or carry purses (Or look through them), never go for an early morning stroll and carry an umbrella!”


back from the blogout

Had a really nice time this weekend at the Blogout at Honnemardu , will write about it later, after I do something about the 238 emails in my inbox. People who went for the trip:

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June 17th

Superheros and creativity


Have you ever noticed how in superhero stories, the villains are always laying these grand, intricate plans, and the heros are always trying to sabotage them?

Superheros don’t actually do anything cool, they just stop uncool things from happening.

It’s not clear whether it’s creativity or organizational skills they lack.

In any case, you’ve got to hand it to the bad guys for taking the initiative.

Hmm. Some corroboratory evidence: Clark Kent – reporter, Peter Parker – photographer, Bart Hill – lawyer. Why are there no dotcom-superheros? Stuff like:

SuperWiner: “One more step and I blow you away with my self built RapidStrikeShooter 0.91 gun!”

PyraMan: “Do not move, or I’ll invalidate your session and your post will be lost forever!”

PowerPage and the BrinMaster: (fast action sequence, villain’s weapons now in PowerPage’s hands.) “Looking for something?”

No, I’m not going to apologize for the jokes.

on the importance of timepass

A friend said this, I somehow think this is a nontrivial sentence:

“I am not looking for quality here. I am looking for passing time.”

Another quote from one of the Brit ads on Virgin Radio, which could be such an apt slogan for a search engine company:

“Why go anywhere else? Search Me!”

Creepy Coincidence?

Just when the company mailing list was discussing in-office cellphone ethics, the PA(Public Addressal) system suddenly began playing RadioCity 91FM. And then turned up the volume.


The Impending Book Tag Post

For those who’re waiting for me to publish my book tag post (in response to theory stuntman Satyen Kale post; I will be posting it as soon as Mr. Kale actually writes another weblog post.

This post was brought to you by Cynics Incorporated™, the world’s leading believers in the obvious fact that Satyen Kale cannot maintain a public blog.

June 16th

maybe i don't know who you are

I’m sorry I don’t know who you are
or where you’re from, or what you do.
Maybe its because of my bad memory
or maybe you met my other personality?


nice song

From MonoPuff “Don’t I have the right”, (via Aaron):

You sure weren’t rich
Didn’t live in the city
Didn’t whisper sweet nothings
Never told me I’m pretty

You sure weren’t perfect
What’s perfect these days?
But you left me
Now I’m destroyed

You cheated at cards
And lied when you hung out
In bars making time
With those girls you called old pals

I cried when you left me,
Now I’m wondering when
You’ll make it all up to me?

Don’t I have the right
To be over you yet?
I’ve tried pretending
I tried to forget

Though it’s past three AM
I would still let you in
‘cause I can’t go on dreaming alone

I work at my desk
And stare at the letter
And think of the first one
That you never answered

Pour milk in my coffee
And watch it explode
And know that you’re doing the same

Don’t I have the right
To be over this fling?
You once said you loved me
We talked about rings
I would try someone new
If that someone would love me
The way you did

Don’t I have the right to be loved?
To be loved
To be loved


sounds under my head

If you take your headphones off your head and let them hang around your head with the speakers on your neck / chest; it feels as if the song is coming from under the head; which is an incredibly weird feeling.