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March 18th

oh so true

From Nikhil's email signature:

Girls are like slugs... they probably serve some purpose, but its hard to imagine what.

-- Calvin & Hobbes


March 14th

slimes of india

Mediaah! shuts shop following intimidation from the Slimes of India.

Btw, try the google search for "slimes of india".

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tremors felt in mumbai!

1. The CSE department is fairly unstable and is due for renovation tomorrow.

2 . Just woke up in my hostel and noticed the fan was oscilating out of its axis.
3. Realized that this was an earthquake, locked the room and walked over to the department.
4. Currently feeling kind of stupid to walk over and sit in a fairly unstable building. Anyway, getting out of here! (Mom, don't worry!)

March 11th

first serve

we all complain of this malady
and seek a convenient remedy
come up with cliched reasons
sporadic disappearances spanning whole seasons
how do we explain with cogency
the plight of our infrequency?
some thing drastic needs to be done
to get rid of this deprivation
of food for thought, stuff to write about
to invigorate the literary spout

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March 10th

start me up

How To Start a Startup by Paul Graham. Mostly obvious, but needed to be stated.


March 10th

raking croo

Just found TpT veteran Wreckin' Cru's weblog via comments. Hay dude! From a post in his blog:

my aakhri keeda is that we are a very low expectation country. we get so happy with so little, it's no surprise we are still a third-world country, even with a billion people. i hear of people not wanting to join college, because a bpo looks like a 'glamorous' opportunity. you make 200k rupeees a year so that you can indulge in all the 100 rs. barista coffees you want, and that's glamour? you get to speak in a fake-pseudo-half-baked american accents and it's glamorous? in the words of chris rock, you low-expectation-muthafucka.

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March 9th


Mighty Stupid. If this is what business schools are about, then I'm happy I'm not applying to any. From the article:

Harvard's Clark said the school's mission was to educate principled leaders with high integrity, sound judgment and "a strong moral compass -- an intuitive sense of what is right and wrong."

"Those who have hacked into this Web site have failed to pass that test," Clark said.

119 students are being accused of "hacking" which is laughable, since this is what they did:

...if you took your login hash, appended it to a URL at the ApplyYourself, you could see the decision letter on your file, if it had already been posted. [via /.]

First of all, I'd like to remove the overhyped and completely misused word "hacking" from all this. This is NOT hacking. This is not even a malicious break in, or a case of electronic eavesdropping (which would be the correct terms for this case). Let's use a low tech analogy to what happened, so that we can talk more about the ethics than the hack:

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February 25th

of travel and bad planning

Train to Dadar: Rs. 8
Bus from Dadar to Pune: Rs. 150
Bus from Pune to Dadar: Rs. 150
Taxi from Dadar to Powaii because I was a wee bit late and that the last train to Thane had left Dadar 10 minutes ago:: Rs. 260

Moral of the story: Sure, Mumbai is a city that never sleeps and all; but it's not a 24x7 show either.

Side moral of the story: Never ask a taxi driver to turn on the music at such times. Taxi drivers who run at such times possess music of abyssmal qualities that might scare you shitless.


February 22nd

ka boom!

How to Destroy the Earth. Sam missed out the one where everyone around the world jumps up and down together in a calculated skewed fashion, creating enough vibration to take the earth out of orbit, hurtling it into the sun.



This is hilarious / scary / insightful: The GoogleZon!.