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November 26th

winter strikes

My habitat is now white.

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November 21st


From Dinesh blog:

Year 1981

1. Prince Charles got married
2. Liverpool crowned Champions of Europe
3. Australia lost the Ashes
4. Pope Died was shot at, and nearly died.

Year 2005
1. Prince Charles got married (again)
2. Liverpool crowned Champions of Europe (again)
3. Australia lost the Ashes (again)
4. Pope Died (again)

Moral of the story – In future, if Prince Charles decides to re-marry….
Please warn the Pope!!!!

Dinesh also has a few posts about golas… oh, how I miss them!


November 20th

of blog names and christmas

Ravikiran writes about weblog names, and how it is hard to come up with an original title for a new weblog:

…of course, we early bloggers who are responsible for this. Firstly, we’ve taken all the good ones and secondly, the new bloggers think that they have to have some dramatic sounding name to get people’s attention. So we now have names like “The daily random ruminations of a demented maverick maniac” which, unfortunately, tells us only one thing – the blog has started recently and that they have expended all their imagination on the name.

This blog (and this website) has always been called Arnab’s World, a rather trite and generic title that many of my namesakes’ weblogs share. However, the advantage of having such a title is that you can’t really get bored of it; after all half of it is a word you’ve been trained to accept and love for the rest of your life. Changing it to a catchy “Notes from Las Vegas” would be nice, but it lacks permanency, I tend to get bored of my creativity very quickly.

Of course, “Notes from Las Vegas” would be a very apt title for this weblog during Christmas; for that is when yours truly will be trying to forget the horrifying semester that was, numbing his frayed nerves on the rides aboard the Stratosphere.

In other words, I have the most awesome cousin on this planet.

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toilet photos

Two photos that had me laughing for a while.


November 17th

the indian dude behind every successful man

The PopSci article about colored bubbles is pretty disturbing. If I understand it correctly, the article proceeds like this: There’s this white dude who’s been dreaming about colored bubbles for 11 years, making pitches to Toy companies, burning up laboratories and stuff, all in the quest of a pink or blue bubble. Then he puts in an advert on for a chemist. Enter Mumbai University educated Dr. Ram Sabnis, who comes up with a degradable, surfactant dye solution within one year. White dude finally realizes his dream, his company is rich, the white dude and his posse live happily ever after.

Hold it. I don’t mean to sound racist, but why does the Indian guy who actually solved the colored bubbles problem have to wait for introduction till the ninth page of the article? This is a science magazine. I understand the whole “pursue your dreams” lesson here, but why aren’t we talking about the actual guy who made these frickin’ color floaties? Maybe the real moral behind this was: “If you have a dream, hire an Indian dude. He’ll spend one year instead of the 10 you spent, and make you a success!”.


November 16th

and it begins

Sudherssen and I are walking to the department, and I look up and ask myself: “Dude, why is the rain falling so slowly?”
And then I realize: “Dude. That’s because it’s not raining, it’s snowing!”. (And then my flatmate calls up to say the same thing)

For someone who’s never seen snowfall, this is so frickin’ kewl. I did once spend an afternoon in a bunch of white ice during a trek; sledding on plastic plates off a hillock in the Garhwal mountain range — but this is completely a different experience. Apparently the novelty fades away in a couple of weeks and I will also take on the grumpy, depressed “damn-the-winter” attitude that the other people seem to carry. But till then, this is totally awesome.


November 15th posters

Totally coolmax posters by Harikrishnan.


November 14th

i fail miserably at crossing categories

Blog meet report at Ink Scrawl:

Over dinner, Sarika came up with her view on ‘man’kind. “There are two kinds of men in the world,” she remarked, “those who had pullable cheeks, and those who were sexy.” And nope, there’s never a combination of the two.


the heartbroken poet

It’s hard
To be in love
and not pause for a moment and relish the euphoria
To see a pretty face
and not be reminded of that first kiss when you made a complete fool of yourself
To breathe in your first kretek on a cold winters night
and not let the sweetness seep up from your lips and throat to your brain
To have conjured an alliteration so amazingly aesthetic
and not marvel at its unusability in anything you write
It’s hard
To have words
wanting to line up in pretty patterns
and not smile at the irony that they once refused to line up when you tried.

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November 13th

Mind Canvas launches

Uzanto (finally) launches Mind Canvas.