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August 23rd

living la vida loca

I have so much to expound on topics such as the free world economy and moving furniture accross main roads using shopping carts; but there’s literally no time. i guess we’ll have to write about it later. Toodles.


August 20th

arnab dot international

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first ever arnab dot org blog post from outside India! I really wanted to do a post from Frankfurt; but couldn’t find free/sanely-priced internet anywhere at the airport. It’s raining right now in Ann Arbor, the current weather more or less seems like Bangalore; which I’m very happy with. Anyway, that’s all for now. Off to get some mexican food with seniors!

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August 10th

going to michigan

A heads up for the misinfomed, uninformed, and the clueless: In nine days, I will have packed my bags and left for the opposite side of the planet, to attend graduate school at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I’ll be trying to figure out exactly what this Computer Science thingy is all about; in particular trying to make sense of what all this “Databases and Information Retrieval” drivel means.

Speaking of drivel, have you noticed how “Data Mining” is a gross misnomer? Data means unprocessed computer gobbledegook, and Information means neat cool stuff humans can comprehend and make use of it. When we mine for something, the result is what we assign the term for; for example coal mining means we break through rock to extract coal. So if we’re looking for information, why do we call it data mining? This is like you look for gold and then call yourself a gunk-miner. Yuck.

random update update

I am still not feeling witty enough, but I’m getting this strange frustrating feeling that happens to me during sensory overload. The euphoria still remains, but there’s also this feeling of inadequacy of some sort… It’s almost (but not quite) like trying to hug a huge teddy bear, and not being able to get even a tenth of it in your grasp, but still trying to hang on to it, giggling.

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August 7th

random update

I’m alive, out of Bangalore, now in Delhi.

I have nothing witty to write right now.

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July 31st

Mumbai Help Blogs


of Ex Girlfriends and Programming Languages

I’m not sure if this is normal, but I was reading and came across some BASIC code, and had this “Sigh, she was great – I wonder why we broke up?” thought. And then the “My, this is sad/creepy” thought.

Well, BASIC, my first love, you will always have a special place in my heart. Your line-numbered, small-stacked spaghetti code still takes me around in circles of thought.

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Viruddh review

Me: “I saw Viruddh the other day. Good movie.”
Gita: “Hmm. Who’s in it?”
Me: “Reebok, ELF Motor lubricants, Nerolac, Western Union Money Transfer, Calcium Sandoz…”

No seriously. This movie takes product placement to new heights. They even hit you when you’re down and in a teary-eyed moment. Good script, but can someone please hang the producer?

Also, Anusha Dandekar is nice, but I would have been happier if there was a real firang in her place.