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July 8th

thats the way you do it

Nice quote, via Kriti:

Kisses blown are kisses wasted,
kisses are not kisses unless they are tasted,
kisses spread germs and germs are hated,
so kiss me baby, I’m vaccinated!


Brown skinned firangs

Somebody at work spoke up today, “What’s with so much news and attention about the London attacks; when no one really cared much about the terrorist attack at Ayodhya just two days ago?”


July 6th

Testing Unicode


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July 3rd

War of The Worlds Review

Watched War of the Worlds yesterday. Impressions just after watching the movie:

What crap!!!

Impressions after sleeping over it:

  • I expected more good, mindless fighting.
  • The “human” touches were often incongruous.
  • The ending scene was improbable, illogical, AND sucked.
  • Some scenes wont make sense unless you’ve read the book.

    Ok, so I’m being very critical here; but this is a Spielberg movie with Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning in it, so it’s perfectly alright for me to have very high expectations, which Spielberg met in only in a few scenes (for example the one involving the car).

Final verdict: Go watch the movie, but leave your expectations outside the theatre please.

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July 1st

saturday afternoon humor

“So yesterday me and my friends were hanging out at the lodge — Jeff was feeling happy, Roger was feeling happy, I was feeling happy, everyone was feeling happy.

Except maybe for Happy — he didn’t seemed to be pleased about it, ya know….”

Well, that’s about it — just remember: “Fortune favours the Cookie!”


Remedy for the forgotten generation

Rahul writes about the absence of an entire period of music from public radio:

So the teenyboppers have their Casio tunes, and our parents have Mohammad Rafi. Nothing for us. I think I belong to Bombay radio’s forgotten generation.

Rahul, you’re in Mumbai, where Go 92.5 exists — probably the only channel in India that played music I could tolerate. I’m not sure if they’ve changed their programming or target demographic since, but I really had withdrawal symptoms when I left Mumbai a couple of months back. Imagine yourself in Delhi — where you have the option of factory-processed hindi music on RadioCity, chirpy and mast hindi music on Radio Mirchi, or casual hindi music on Red FM.

Of course, Delhi does have a glimmer of hope in AIR‘s FM Rainbow which does play classics, but most of the Radio Jockeying would make even a six year old with speech impediments cringe.

While it seems Bangalore too has AIR FM Rainbow, the only thing people listen to here is the schizophrenic Radiocity 91, which has English-speaking RJs(Radio Jockeys) playing Hindi songs interspersed with Kannada advertisements. Not quite the thing for me, ya know.

My night in shining armor, comes galloping from the United Kingdom via the Internet: Virgin Radio UK generously provides Shoutcast streams that are make up most of my daily listening. Shoutcast is seriously a great source of free music; there are so many supercool radio stations; especially niche ones that cater to very specific audiences, like GothMetal Radio for all the pretty men and women wearing black mascara, for example. Plus Shoutcast is free. As opposed to WorldSpace, which is very nice, but costs a little more than free.