Archive - Jul 27, 2005


gmail did the viagra star

Mr. GMail, you allow me to “star” emails in my spam folder. By star, I presume you mean that you stick a “This here email? It’s Important!” sign on that email. But I want to know, dear Mr. GMail, why is it that I want to importantify my spammicrap? Why, tell me?

Viagra! In easy installments! STARRED
Printer Cartridges! STARRED
Toner Cartridges! Not Starred. Weep weep. Spam is feeling low-self-esteem. Loosah!

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thank you

I’m feeling so happy that might just burst. I don’t know if this is temporary bliss, or the epiphany of a lifetime, but this world totally rocks. Everything is so super way out cool that it’s far out chillin’. Dear everybody involved, thank you for making my life the most awesomest ever!

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