Archive - Jun 22, 2005


tales from the blogout

You can see photos from the Blogout trip here

Some memorable quotes:

“Hi, what’s your URL?”— Me to Anuja, a non-blogger, who then made a very strange face.
“Tulsi, see? it was capsizing because of you” — Sathish VJ, 2 minutes before his canoe capsized for a third time (much to my chagrin, having substituted Tulsi as Sathish’s co-canoeist)
“Anybody got a deodorant?” — Me, starting off a rather exctiting ten minutes of attempting to kindle a rain-soaked campfire with the alcohol-based blow torches otherwise known as Axe and Fa. The campfire didn’t start, but I did get very nice smelling hands.
“Faaxe” — Venky (or was it Suman or Sathish?), christening the new scent.
“Mix.” — The rather curiously humored camp-coordinator Ganesh, on being asked if the container contained tea or coffee.
“I don’t care! – I want female — The pig-headed ticket collector who refused to believe that one of us had an accidental “F” in place of an “M” on his ticket – despite showing him the guy’s driving license. Don’t we all, sir, don’t we all.