Archive - Jun 14, 2005


address filters for mailing lists

I’ve often had the need to address only a subset of people on a mailing list. For example, the devel mailing list of an open source project can have many independent subprojects, so why not allow Gmail-esque “” filters, where the LABEL can be any word to indicate subset information. Then, people can specify to the mailing list to either allow only emails with that LABEL word(or a set of terms), or to ignore emails with that term. So all you would need to do is reply to the mail whose label you want to ignore by appending a “SYSTEM:IGNORE” to the subject or something like that.

It would be really cool if someone can come up with a nice way to fit this into mailman or some other MLM as a proof of concept. The ignore emails with this label command is quite feasible and user friendly, IMHO.


indian summer

Currently listening to Antaragni cover of “Summer of 69”. It’s a very nicely done indianized version of the evergreen anthem. I had first heard it as the soundtrack for a promo for Manipal University, then had to hunt around for the track. If only their website wasn’t in Flash, I really wanted to listen to more of them.


Beer Church Rwanda

Beer Church:

Beer Church is as much an idea as it is an organization. It is based on our philosophy that people are basically good and want to help make the world a better place. The trick is to provide a way for them to do that. People like to drink beer, socialize and generally have a good time. In our human society, beer is a conduit, or catalyst, for making that happen. Find the people where they are. Have a party that benefits something worthy. As a unified association of beer drinkers our potential to affect positive social change is enormous. Be kind and giving, love one another, care about one another, and help one another. Use beer as a way to do those things. That’s what Beer Church wants to do.

Also be sure to check out their mullet haiku page.