Archive - Jun 11, 2005


textile rant

I wish Textile had a simple way to use é in words… ya know, like everytime I need to write café, I need to copy paste it from somewhere, which is trifle inconvenient. Btw, I have resumed talking to myself via blog; hence posts will be more frequent again.


tracking contextual advertising

Just added some ads to the website using kbahey’s module. It’s more like an attempt to keep track of the state-of-art in contextual advertising, preliminary observations:

* Using the search box will give you ads relevant to your search query. Try searching for prescription drugs.
* It seems they know that my website is more popular for it’s weblog, so I have blog ads by default.
* I sometimes see an India ad. Geo-IP type things? How legal is this?
* They’re also relevant to the search terms people use to come to my website.

I wonder if they grok the pages I link to and bias the ads based on the content there? Imho, if the content of advertising matches the content linked to, that’ll be pretty cool, and helpful to both me and the advertiser.

Another idea, why can’t craigslist do contextual adverts? For example, I can write about Cafe’ Mondegar, and I should be able to show up a classified for a flat available in Colaba. In other words, merge the idea of community classifieds with contextual advertising. Comprende’?