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June 30th

review on the d movie

Got this by email:

Movie review of D written by a friend:


Haha. Will have to watch it to corroborate. Next on my movie watching list: Parineeta, and Paheli. Both reportedly non-mainstream movies, looking forward to them.


Supersize Me

I’m starting a page cluster called Drupal, Supersized to discuss, collect and experiment with scalability and high-performance issues in Drupal. I’m hoping people will come forward and contribute to this, let’s see how this turns out.


June 29th

of bangalore and shameless bus conductors

There’s something really scary about the state of public transport in Bangalore. The bus conductors are also totally evil.

The reason this is unnerving is because Bangalore offers two modes of public transport to the common man – autorickshaws, and buses. While autorickshaw drivers are totally evil down to the bottom of their soul, I overlook this since this is the same in almost every Indian city. Maybe there’s an “Autowallahs and Satan” association panning Delhi, Bangalore and (reportedly) Chennai — with it’s primary mission to cheat and loot every customer till there’s none left. And it’s slowly invading Mumbai too, a city once known for the honest, professional auto-drivers who paid you back even the 50 paisa.

But I digress. This post is about bus conductors, who, in my eyes have always been the bastion of the strong-minded, hard-working but underpaid class that keeps the city running. Conductors in Delhi (DTC only, Bluelines are run by gremlins and don’t count) and Mumbai (BEST) are known for their no-nonsense attitude; but Bangalore busmen(and women — they have female conductors here) seem to weave a rather different tale. Not only are they spineless and corrupt, they try to assert their hallowed virtues onto the passengers as well. Here’s one of my many accounts with conductors on Bangalore buses:

Me: 1 ticket, Binnamangala please. (Hand him a ten rupee note, the ticket is for four rupees)
Him: (Takes note, returns six rupees, looks around)
Me: Excuse me, Ticket?
Him: makes face, offers me a one rupee coin
Me: Screw you! I don’t want your money, I want my ticket!
Him: Gives me an old, used six rupee ticket.
Me: What the….
Him: (Finally gives me the ticket I paid for.)

So what’s it with Bangalore that makes its conductors so evil? Considering the weather, the quality of life, the nature of the passengers; Bangalore conductors have a much better time than their Delhi and Mumbai counterparts. Maybe they’re paid really less salaries? I doubt it. Maybe they’re ex-auto drivers? Maybe. But what I believe is the real reason is the percentage of laptop-carrying, Nike-wearing bus passengers who give a damn for these trivial transactional details and would rather spend their precious time worrying about more important things.


June 28th

Mushy mushy mush mush

Wrote this while listening to music, so I have no idea if it makes sense or not:

You’re beautiful
more than I realized
At first glance
But now
After a million times
of thinking and reliving those fleeting moments
I’d rather not meet you again
For maybe I remembered you wrong?


June 27th

Attacked by the Lucene Bugzilla

Lucene’s Bugzilla was apparently migrated over the weekend, resulting in hundreds of emails being sent to the lucene-developer mailing list, all of which were totally useless and a royal pain to delete using a web-based interface(I was using gmail). Considering there’s atleast some hundred people on that mailing list(I guess), multiply that with the close to a thousand emails, and you have a lot of useless email that could have been avoided if someone just turned off email notification before bulk updates / migration.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, Lucene’s now become a top-level Apache project, putting it in the same league as the HTTP Server, SpamAssassin, Jakarta, and Struts. The Lucene project now comprises of Lucene Java, Nutch, and Lucene4c. I’m really looking forward to updates on Lucene4c; the webpages seem to be comatose.


June 23rd

living on the edge

This website runs on Drupal CVS, updated once everyday. This means is always running on the latest Drupal code. While this practice is a little foolhardy, it’s a lot of fun to open up your website and notice all sorts of new features pop up from different places.


June 23rd

afternoon musings

They’re playing “Lola” by The Kinks on Virgin Radio. I really like this song – first heard it on Go 92.5, driving down Juhu Beach in Mumbai. I didn’t know then it was about a rather unfortunate encounter, though. Not that it changes anything, the song is really catchy.

In my attempts to reverse the effects of a sedantary lifestyle, I have decided to lighten up my intake of food. So, lunch was two microbananas, followed by small bowls of dal, dahi a few slices of tomato, and a few spoonfuls of rice. I finished my plate, felt all nice and happy about it.
And then as I was walking back to my desk, I picked up a huge handful of salted, oily potato chips. “C’est La Vie”, the fat, smirking devil in my head sighed.

I’m still undecided about whether the losing of money in laundry is worth the joy that comes from finding it back again.

Oh, and I watched Batman Begins yesterday. After the disastrous George Clooney movie and 70’s televison serial episodes; this one makes up for the damage, and finally gets it right. A couple of facts are distorted, but I’m okay with that, considering the great job they did in trying to explain what Batman is really about.

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Sania Mirza and the billion distorted hopes at center court

It took me ages to find one unbiased article on the internet about Sania Mirza’s defeat yesterday; that didn’t portray her as the New Mother Teresa who will save the poor, huddled, out of shape masses of India and lead them to higher glories. Come on, people, she’s not superwoman. It was a world #75 playing against a world #5, US Open winner; what did you expect?

Not that she didn’t play well — it wasn’t really a cakewalk for Kuznetsova, I’m sure the rather crisp and energetic 3 game comeback by Sania in the last set wasn’t the most comfortable of times for her.

As long as she doesn’t get carried away with those corny adverts she’s doing on TV lately, I’m sure she’ll go places. All in good time.


June 22nd

tales from the blogout

You can see photos from the Blogout trip here

Some memorable quotes:

“Hi, what’s your URL?”— Me to Anuja, a non-blogger, who then made a very strange face.
“Tulsi, see? it was capsizing because of you” — Sathish VJ, 2 minutes before his canoe capsized for a third time (much to my chagrin, having substituted Tulsi as Sathish’s co-canoeist)
“Anybody got a deodorant?” — Me, starting off a rather exctiting ten minutes of attempting to kindle a rain-soaked campfire with the alcohol-based blow torches otherwise known as Axe and Fa. The campfire didn’t start, but I did get very nice smelling hands.
“Faaxe” — Venky (or was it Suman or Sathish?), christening the new scent.
“Mix.” — The rather curiously humored camp-coordinator Ganesh, on being asked if the container contained tea or coffee.
“I don’t care! – I want female — The pig-headed ticket collector who refused to believe that one of us had an accidental “F” in place of an “M” on his ticket – despite showing him the guy’s driving license. Don’t we all, sir, don’t we all.


June 19th

To be a gal in Delhi


….In order to survive the Capital city a woman must have short hair, wear complicated and well fitting clothes, must not use phones or carry purses (Or look through them), never go for an early morning stroll and carry an umbrella!”