Archive - Mar 9, 2005



Mighty Stupid. If this is what business schools are about, then I'm happy I'm not applying to any. From the article:

Harvard's Clark said the school's mission was to educate principled leaders with high integrity, sound judgment and "a strong moral compass -- an intuitive sense of what is right and wrong."

"Those who have hacked into this Web site have failed to pass that test," Clark said.

119 students are being accused of "hacking" which is laughable, since this is what they did:

...if you took your login hash, appended it to a URL at the ApplyYourself, you could see the decision letter on your file, if it had already been posted. [via /.]

First of all, I'd like to remove the overhyped and completely misused word "hacking" from all this. This is NOT hacking. This is not even a malicious break in, or a case of electronic eavesdropping (which would be the correct terms for this case). Let's use a low tech analogy to what happened, so that we can talk more about the ethics than the hack:

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